Sims 4 CAS – Whoopi Goldberg (failed attempt really)

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13 Responses

  1. DLxxEpic says:

    As for a celebrity, I nominate Michael Jackson…but make it a 2-parter for
    the before and after.

  2. Playa SheepDB says:

    Is it bad I’ve never heard of this person?

  3. graduator14 says:

    So when is Sims 5 coming out? I’ll skip Sims 4.

  4. TheAmericanCanadian says:

    So Scotty, you gonna get sims 4 or no?

  5. Rose Davies says:

    Have you made Gordon Ramsay in TS4 yet scuddy?

  6. MasterBattle2000 says:

    Shovel that shit Whoopi

  7. rocking546 says:

    try making all 4 beatles mebers

  8. Will of The People says:

    gang beasts?

  9. anon984 says:

    “whoopi doesn’t have eyebrows” i was blown away, i never notice that….

  10. Navi Kajez says:

    Scotty,what do you think about MONK ?

  11. TheCommie says:

    I want to see how close you could get to Steve Buscemi 

  12. DLxxEpic says:

    I never knew it could be so hard makin’ Whoopi! *Bah dum tss* 

  13. Samuel Cook says:

    This game seems like it’d be more easy to make Sims more detailed. Maybe
    not as easy as I thought.

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