“Sims 4” Build Mode! Creating my Dream Home!

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20 Responses

  1. YouMadBro123456 says:

    do this daily plz

  2. MilkshakeDRAGON says:

    15 comment

  3. Aman Arora says:

    I really like this make a series please!

  4. SGCBarbierian says:

    Did I forgot my bed? Yes. 

  5. TaderScout says:

    Finally the game is out!

  6. abdullah alkhuraim says:

    Sorry but It’s ugly 

  7. Something Kawaii says:

    10th comment

  8. midnightfox000 says:

    Extend the roof to above the fence, it will look alot better

  9. Tyler Betker says:

    First comment

  10. mikey sarmiento says:


  11. BentHamadMahdi says:

    Love It !!!

  12. DRG Gaming says:

    nice house :]

  13. Thegamingmincart says:

    13 comment

  14. Tyler Betker says:

    First like

  15. Drew Lane says:

    7th comment 23 like

  16. SGCBarbierian says:
  17. Andy Play's [BogAco] says:

    aaaaaaah i need ze money for dis game :(

  18. Sarah Riddle says:

    This isn’t a hate comment im just saying before buying furniture and stuff
    I would buy the windows in the front of the house. Love this series :D

  19. Alberts Sants says:

    Love it

  20. Tyler Betker says:

    Loving the vid so far keep it up!

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