Sims 4 – BECOMING A SECRET AGENT! [Episode 2]

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8 Responses

  1. Rachel Panjaitan says:

    Hey Poonchee! Great episode of the Sims 4! 😀 Just so you know, there’s a
    re-sizing cheat. I think you have to go into build mode and press shift and
    the square brackets and it will turn into the biggest it can be! Also, if
    you want an object in a certain spot you can press alt and it will put the
    object exactly where you want. Plus, if you can’t reply to me, I can’t do
    anything about it! :(

  2. MrPoonchee says:
  3. Leila Andrews says:

    Also 5th! xD

  4. Leila Andrews says:

    Yay! Thanks so much for the Sims!!!!

  5. pandaberrygamer says:

    YUY 2nd view and 1st comment im jus waiting for ur face cam lol what’s the
    point now lol

  6. Zain Syed says:


  7. pinky99968 says:

    2 nd good episode not excepting it finally a video to watch

  8. Leila Andrews says:

    Make the episodes long! I don’t care!!!!! You can always click “watch
    later” xD And why does the Mom like you so much? She’s married and has 2

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