Sims 4 Baby Glitch

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18 Responses

  1. Retsam Ecar says:

    kill it before it grows into a fucking child….

  2. Le Fred says:

    This is what i looked like when i was a baby.
    Took me years of therapy to overcome this.
    When you people laugh at us Demonsimosexuals it hurts
    I feel Triggered right now.

  3. missbitchtou1 says:

    Yup my twins look just like that …. kinda of creepy 

  4. City Hunter says:

    Men In Black Style!

  5. Freddie Pritchard DaWeedKing says:

    they completely bum humped the Sims 3 and made a total fail on simcity and
    yer on lining up to throw money at a same o same o game that has
    glitches……..soon to come all the cheesy expansion packs so you can
    throw your money at EA……….come on man !

  6. cpypcy says:

    The Thing! It lives!

  7. ThePlayfulDreamer says:

    So. Much. Emotion.

  8. mistressbsb says:

    this happened when I adopted the baby. does this also happen when they give
    birth too?

  9. Fran says:

    when i saw this in my game i cried!! I love babies and this was just so bad
    i was balling!! They need to patch this ASAP

  10. ceciliabeth222 says:

    Hopefully they do an update soon, and expansion packs

  11. CapJackson says:

    I love how bad she has to pee at the end

  12. Scorpyfizzle says:

    Kill it with fire!

  13. ashley haley says:

    i just had a baby in my sims4 and that happen i hope they fix it

  14. huldu says:

    I don’t like that it’s a black child. The bug just feels very racist. Next
    time show a white kid that is deformed. Kthxbie.

  15. Lindsey S says:

    Oh, glad I am not the only one getting the demon baby in the game. Found
    some typos, too. Lot of money to spend on a game with some mistakes that
    seem pretty obvious…somehow, I doubt this bodes well. Plays a bit like a
    free online game, to me…

  16. xPhenomen says:

    Kill it with fire!

  17. ElMono QueBaila says:

    Why do people still buy EA games? Don’t you ever learn

  18. mclightning88 says:

    Thumbs up if you see your exact Sim being played by the AI. I was in the
    gym and saw my exact sim–a perfect copy–walk past me and up the stairs….

    EDIT: Found out that there was 2 of my exact Sim in the Household
    Management. One was listed as “not currently in world.” They could fix
    that, maybe.

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