Sims 3 – Episode 2 – TALKING TO GIRLS!

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11 Responses

  1. denrolouis says:

    Nice picking up chicks lol

  2. Derpy dolphin says:


  3. LuckyAmazingGaming says:

    Do a Facecam:D

  4. Derpy dolphin says:

    Dude watch Robbaz’s Sims 3 he traps people then forces them to paint

  5. Dylan Verity says:
  6. Dylan Bui says:

    2nd comment

  7. Rated Oliver says:

    First comment,like and view!!!

  8. Lloyd Knox says:

    Good vid mate carry on dude love u ?:)

  9. Rated Oliver says:

    I think u need a full job for now ( sports career ) just to get some money
    then go to university. And it helps to get a girlfriend early on, just a
    little tip !

  10. Jbaocbk360 says:


  11. Nathan Correia says:

    For a side job be a painter a small art is 400 big art 1000

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