“SELFIES” The Sims 4

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20 Responses

  1. LovleySUNNYGamer says:

    Ihascupquake why are you banning comments that say 1st or second? Someone
    plz reply! 

  2. vgnrace says:

    Does anybody know if there are pets in the Sims 4? Or if there is an
    expansion pack for it? ‘Cause if there is, maybe she can buy a pet.

  3. Lily Taylor says:

    Please don’t cheat in this gameplay, it killed my in the inside when you
    cheated in the Sims 3

  4. Vanessa Merino says:

    Quake you should make katrina and blake date

  5. TyphoonTricks™ says:


    Thing is first I’m the realist 

  6. StephanieBanana says:

    Why are people saying they’re going to get banned?? Can someone explain

  7. Smoothie .CP says:

    i love the sims 4, but why does it have to be 70 freaking dollars.

  8. adriana flores says:

    Guys if you didn’t watch the latest cloud nine episode then here’s a
    warning : Tiffany and red said they were tired of “first comment!” Or “56
    comment and viewer ” so they said they will ban anybody who said that .
    Besides who want to hear people be like “first comment” nobody ! Not trying
    to be mean or anything but for those fans that love tiffy , and want to
    comment and give her opinions or something related to the video then don’t
    comment something that’s not related . Example (under 301 club , 6 viewer!
    First comment!”etc) 

  9. iHasCupquake says:

    Having so much fun in #thesims4 !

  10. Sunset Shimmer says:

    Love it! 😀 

  11. PikachuGirly :3 says:

    I think iHasCupquake should disable comments :/ it’d be fore the best since
    a lot of the bad stuff out measures the good stuff.

  12. Philip Kaiten says:

    cupquake you can scale the objects to make them bigger . Just a tip since I
    saw you having difficulty with that . Like so she can see for her own
    benefit !

  13. Dire Angel says:


  14. luvinvdubs says:

    Cupquake plz don’t ban people just delete it because people have rights to
    spam your getting banned when you wanted I ban spam 

  15. Mimi Jaki says:

    Is it just me or does Stella remind me of Miranda sings

  16. TheNba2kGod says:


    Things first I’m the realist!

  17. MidnightCrafter says:

    You can ajust the size by scrolling ur mouse

  18. Lauren Trapp says:

    how much does this cost


    Like shay carl said if there is a mean commect dont answer they will go
    away slowly but quickly

  20. melissa graceffa :3 says:

    LOLL sorry I’m veryyyyy newby at YouTube and sorry if I’m being annoying or
    something how do you reply to comments and do the blue name? Sorry lol if
    someone won’t mind telling me that would be amazing :D

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