PyroFalkon’s Sims 4 Socialism Challenge Trailer

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10 Responses

  1. tekguru8 says:

    Looks like this should be fun.. Just a little disappointed there wasnt
    another brilliant name like Jack Goff from the last time you did this.

  2. Shogun of Japan says:

    Well am late to this this video :p sorry was on twich

  3. Jay Albrecht says:

    The last guy for this looks pretty good. You didn’t happen to look at fans
    Facebook walls for ideas? :)

  4. Shogun of Japan says:

    I love how this challenge includes my favorite part of sims the different

  5. Tyrano840 says:

    really glad to see this challenge coming back I binge watched the entire
    series only a few months ago and enjoyed many of them.

  6. Zugawugz Trollbane says:

    Hmm… you just gotta wonder if the rng spit out the ‘bro’ trait on

    Anyway, looking forward to this series and hoping you don’t call it the
    sims 3 socialism challenge tooo many times! ; P

  7. lidsman2221 says:

    Cool video. Cant wait to see how this turns out. 

  8. PyroFalkon's Let's Play Extravaganza says:
  9. Kalo Shade says:

    I wish I could’ve seen your face when you realised that you forgotten to
    include the bathrooms. I’m looking toward to seeing how this one goes in
    terms of crazy stuff that happens and length of the overall show. I really
    need to get a copy of this game now… XD

  10. GuthsDragon says:

    Oh boy, another of my all time favorite series of yours? Please and thank

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