Piracy Surprise With The Sims 4?

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  1. ᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ says:

    EA trolls pirates, thats what you get for trying to get shit for free you
    ungrateful cunts. I dint blame developers putting in drm when so many
    fuckwits pirate. 

  2. FatedGamer says:

    I hate piracy. I did it for a while because I didn’t have the money which
    is understandable but I don’t anymore and I bought a lot of the games I
    pirated or didn’t because they were terrible games and I was more trying as
    a demo. If you have a job and your just pirating to be cheap. Just no.
    These people work on games for years and your basically robing them. Trust
    me if I wasn’t getting paid to do my job I wouldn’t do it. They probably
    feel the same way. Pirates excuses are always “oh some people will always
    pay for the game so it doesn’t matter if a few of us pirate” but if
    everyone had that mindset no one would be making games because they would
    be pirated by everyone. Also steam and online retailers make games so
    cheap now on sales that there’s no reason not to buy them. 

  3. Dms110 says:

    I honestly feel like people who prefer Sims 4 are idiots…

  4. Casey Carnes says:

    Under 301+ Club! Woop!

  5. Link The Hero Of Time says:

    From what I’ve read on Kotaku crackers are already working on it.
    I would^t be surprise if a patch were available in the nest couple days 

  6. Lazy Game Reviews says:

    Appreciate the mention, man!

  7. Michael Black says:

    Wow! So if you pirate The Sims 4 the entire game gets the censored mosaic
    thing? That’s freaking hilarious! 

  8. Flavio92617 says:

    Can someone please explain why some people aren’t supporting EA? Thanks

  9. noobmaster117 says:

    Ok, I realize EA is like if the Devil was a pedophile, but that is
    hilarious. Every game company should be so clever. Like Bethesda makes it
    so that if you pirate elderscrolls, all the guards try to arrest you for
    piracy, giving you a permanent bounty. 

  10. Rkay421 says:

    clap clap EA you did something right for once. Personally i think piracy is
    wrong if you dont want to support a company thats fine but dont pirate.
    Now i not a fan of EA or anything but people seem to forget alot of the
    stuff in sims3 was from expansions on which none have been released for
    sims4 yet so i think some premature judgments have been made wait till
    there are updates and expansions

  11. caitlin Kang says:

    Wellll I’m not paying $100 for a game were I can just have less of a life
    then I already dooo and will get bored of after 3 days!


  12. kutlessrocker23 says:

    Piracy will never go away. There’s nothing they can do to stop it and
    they’re wasting their time. Rather than sink all this money into fighting
    piracy, how about they make strides to be a company people will want to buy

  13. Equality says:

    It saddens me to see that these stuborn, heartless monsters can’t stand the
    existance of *non-heterosexual* people. It’s either the bible saying that
    such a person can’t exist or because people can’t handle something that is
    not commonly seen on Earth. Mankind needs to realize that
    *non-heterosexuals* are stepping into the spotlight because change needs to
    happen and because it should be a human right to be able to embrace the
    sexuality that you are comfortable with.

    Being *non-heterosexual* isn’t something that should in anyway be resented
    by humans because hey don’t like a woman or dont like a man. It also isn’t
    a *genetic glitch or deformaty*, it’s like being left handed or right
    handed, you either are or aren’t. If you think it’s wrong because the
    bible, an ancient book with no confirmed author(s) then you need to ask
    yourself if it should be completely taken to heart. If your family members
    say it’s a *horrible, sick, disability that needs to be eradicated at all
    cost*, then you should ask yourself if *that* should be taken to heart.

    If you or anyone around is *non-heterosexual* than don’t be afraid to be
    open about, sure it may hurt in the begining but the more of you that come
    out, the more people that see that it isn’t some *error* in human genetics.
    I also chose to refer to homoseuals as *non-heterosexual* because theres
    more than just *homosexual*, there’s also *pansexual* which is liking
    someone not because of their gender but because of personality, *bisexual*
    which is liking both genders, and *asexual* which is not being attracted to
    either gender.

    Another problem that is resented by some people is being *transgender*.
    Most people think it only means that someone is physically between genders
    but it also applies to people that mentally feel that they are another
    gender. I know from experience that there are people who are not only
    *non-heterosexual* but also transgender mentally, physically, or both. Some
    people may feel like they’re just gay and not considering the idea of being

    If you are someone that despises others because they are different than
    please think about your actions towards others and try to fix them if you
    know something just isn’t right. I’ll end off this comment by saying:

    ~I’m not *non-hetersexual*, I just support them a *LOT*
    ~*Non-heterosexuals, transgenders, and deformed people* are *PEOPLE* (I
    think I atleast made that much clear already)

    Try your best to treat others kindly and equally! 🙂

    Just trying to get the word around, Proto.

  14. TalesOfGamerz says:

    This is what you get when you pirate. Cheap bastards.

  15. ProtoMario says:

    Punishing Pirates, nothing new from EA.

  16. 221stephen says:

    I think the game looks fun but it costs like £60, its a stupid amount for
    any game

  17. Prot X says:

    Whats drm?

  18. Sea says:

    Serious sam way of doing things haha

  19. SuperGoBlaziken says:

    I’m a little confused…

    So we’re not liking EA at the moment (I know they did other things but I’m
    talking about this) because they aren’t letting people steal the game?



    I know people can’t afford the game, heck I finally got sims 3 a few months
    ago because I could finally afford it (meh) but stealing it doesn’t seem

    A lot of people can’t afford fancy cars and diamond rings but should they
    go and steal them because they can’t afford it…


    And side note, I like a few EA games (like 5) but i can guess EA made a
    bunch of other games that seem terrible because I never heard of them and

  20. Nognaught says:

    ok firstly, u r retarded… it is MAXIS not E.A. u retard. and havnt even
    played the game! i would like to finish of my statement by saying, u r
    retarded… Thank you

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