NOW – Sims 4 Only 9 Days Away

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  1. TheCurtisParadisShow says:
  2. Kristi Thomas says:

    why don’t they sell this for the mac :/

  3. chairmangaming says:

    Yeah Curtis maybe you missed the unavoidable backlash the game has faced
    over the severe amount of content missing… but many people have canceled
    their pre-orders, while even more have been pushed far far away from it. If
    you have pre-ordered then congrats, you’ve successfully fed EA’s wallets
    whilst simultaneously telling them its okay if they release a half-assed

  4. Alex Sullivan says:

    What about the whole ‘no review copies before release’ fiasco Curtis?

  5. Phantomlover1717 says:

    I have a Madcatz mouse that does the same! Still would like a new one……
    I already can’t wait till some sort of pets are coming in the game. They
    can’t take that one out right? 

  6. mvilcis says:

    For fucking sakes I haven’t preordered this game, because my mom doeset
    have PayPal. Seriuosly.

  7. VVJumparVV says:

    Wait isn’t sims coming out on the 4th, 5th of september? Thats a lot more
    than 9 days…

  8. BreakThatLight says:

    Form me it’s 12 days away! Because where i live it’s out sep 4! :(

  9. MrGeorge07 says:

    the fact they’ve got rid of swimming pools and create a style is
    ridiculous. sorry but i have always hated ea, not the sims, but i hate ea
    with a passion because they are all about releasing little packages so they
    get fans to buy extra things that should be in from the start. I have alot
    of games published by ea, and don’t try and stick up for them because they
    do it on all their games. Take rockstar for instance, you don’t see them
    making you buy little extras, they may bring out the odd dlc like sims and
    expansions but they don’t force you to buy extra pointless crap that should
    be in from the start! 

  10. Mathesims says:

    Awesome video! :)

  11. didi1232001 says:

    I’m really upset at EA and Maxis.
    They screwed up SimCity and now they’re screwing up the Sims 4.
    First there was the thing with no pools or toddlers, but the real thing
    that gets me angry about it is the lack of Mac support. I mean, for some
    people, especially younger ones that are just using their parents computer,
    Macs are their only option and they have to miss out on what could be a
    great new installment in the series.
    I’m sorry, but until EA and Maxis fixes these problems, I’m not going to
    give anything to their greedy little pockets.

  12. Gabriel Klinw says:

    How much will Sims 4 standard edition cost.

  13. GummyBear16 says:

    I heard its “unfinished” and they are making u buy a tons of add ons

  14. palogo potatoe says:

    Why is NOW only about SIMS now i miss the old NOW it was were i got all my
    news T_T.

  15. XxKaylaluvsyouxX says:

    sososo excited!!!! birthday & sims 4 release ♡ 

  16. relix456 says:

    u should cancel ur preorder’s preordering is really bad ur giving ur money
    away without even checking the ACTUAL game out ur just seeing carefully
    monitored trailers and videos made by the DEV’S and when a company does a
    review embargo that usually means they know their game is trash and wants u
    to cave and buy it without seeing reviews

  17. XxKaylaluvsyouxX says:

    Curtis, it’s actually 10 days not 9

  18. DarthxAkimbo says:

    am i the only one that thinks the sims 4 is shit

  19. Alana Scartozzi says:

    The only reason I haven’t preordered it is because it’s not on mac :/

  20. globalproductions01 says:

    All the people in the comments bitching to the people complaining about the
    game be like, “No one is making you buy the DKC or expansion packs!” You do
    realize technically EA is! You don’t have pools? They’ll make an Expansion
    where you get them, but guess what, the expansion is $60.00, but people
    will still buy it because it has what they wanted. EA makes people FEEL
    LIKE THEY NEED IT, so yes they are forcing you to buy the DLC.

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