News Recap — Sims 4, Region Locking

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7 Responses

  1. kindrariegel says:

    I really like your little show here, but why … why jump cuts?

  2. Lighteningzero says:

    very good video. I appreciate your approach to the GamerGate controversy,
    especially considering how many people’s stances are widely biased. you’ve
    shown more sincerity and integrity than any gaming “journalist” has shown
    in a very long time. 

  3. MPP says:

    I’d take you more seriously if you talked about any corruption among male
    journalists. The #GamerGate thing is just a thin veneer on the same
    harassment campaign that’s been taken against Sarkeesian and so forth and
    some of the instances of “corruption” are laughably trivial (someone was
    friends ON TWITTER with someone they wrote about! The horror!).

  4. TinyLunchboxGamers says:

    It’s not weird.
    The 3DS XL doesn’t come with a charger here in Europe.

  5. SparkJavelin says:

    i’ve been putting more of an effort in liking videos i actually like.

    may i say that is an excellent TL;DR of the core of what #GamerGate is
    trying to say/achieve.

  6. G Gaming says:

    Good video, keep up the good work guys. Very glad I found Gamnesia,
    probably my new favorite site for video game related news.

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