My First 20 Minutes In The Sims 4!!

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  1. Becky Morris says:

    I really appreciate your honesty. It feels like many reviews so far have
    been sugar coated. I know going in to this that it’s like starting all over
    because there are no expansions yet and all the items can’t possibly be
    there. The interface looks like it will take some getting used to. Good on
    them for evolving the game but when it’s been practically the same for all
    three predecessors it can be difficult.
    I’m going to get the game, I just think I’m going to hold off for a little

  2. Bradeh says:

    I had same reaction when I saw the amount of lots in the world view…

  3. Mackenzie Corona says:


  4. SugarSupreme says:

    I quite like the mischief skill. 

  5. crusaderat2014 says:

    mine want arrive till Friday from amazon T_T hate being in the uk grate vid

  6. darby shoup says:


  7. Lisa Mccall says:

    I don’t know either… I know base games are bare but Oh Wow, covered the
    whole board in One Hour….done.. The controls, missing the left to right
    arrow, you have to use the keyboard< and>. I never use the keyboard if I
    can help it, my Sim looks like a Disney Hero with bulging leg muscles,I
    expect The Lion King to walk by any moment. the ladies look OK, if you like
    Ariel on Little Mermaid. no Library, proper bar I can jazz up..the easy
    going controls go home, jump in my car speed away… gone,The clothes, ugh
    not my thing too many odd bulges on my male Sims. An interface I have to
    search through and fiddle with. And yet my Sim can go Dig in the dirt for
    no apparent reason… and that’s all..Not liking this, the real fun is
    gone. Point and click Facebook game… to all of you who like it bless you,
    you are more up to date than I…hope it gets better in the future. I do
    like the Goth’s, I did love Don but now he looks like an aged drunk who
    fell from grace. We have one lot in each hood for a house… ouch.

  8. Lauren Rose says:

    April this is why I love your LPs, you’re a very honest player and I loved
    how you just explained your views on the game and what is good and bad 🙂 

  9. xMoonlitSims3 says:

    Thinking comparatively to the Sims 3 base game, there just isn’t the same
    amount of stuff honestly to me. It’s pretty refreshing hearing an LPer *not*
    be all “OMG this is gonna be *so* awesome!”. I’m not a big fan of Sims 4. I
    just think that they took out too much and just made it so much less real.

    I absolutely adore you LP’s, so I do plan to still watch your Sims 4 stuff
    even though I don’t particularly like it that much. =)

  10. Sims3Symbiote says:

    Come join me during my first 20 minutes of playing The Sims 4! #LetsPlay

  11. SugarSupreme says:

    I think there are a lot of similarities between The Sims 4 and The Sims
    Medieval. This is the first TS4 video I’ve watched, naturally it’s yours
    April! This game will definitely take some getting used to. I have a Mac so
    I’m not sure whether I’ll ever be able to play it. :(

  12. Macy Martin says:

    “A sudden birth of baby out of his penis.” yaas

  13. Kaileigh Michelle says:


  14. Raven Midgett says:

    does any1 think she says mischief weird where i live most people say it
    like mischif like there isnt an e but maybe its just me

  15. Fennec VMC says:

    Overwhelmed by all of the sims 4 let’s plays in my sub box…this will be a
    long night…

  16. Lynn Brown says:

    Still amused this came out on my birthday xD

  17. Hazel Kaye says:

    You and Lulu Plats Sums are the summers who’s Let’s plays I’m the most
    excited for! Waiting, why must you take time?

  18. TheSkittlebear1 says:

    Wait is it out yet?

  19. BubblegumGirl366 says:

    You need to upload your Demo sims to the Gallery get them in your library 

  20. grace artrup says:

    You can get sims 3 camera on sims 4 

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