Mr. Fox Plays The Sims 4: Current Household

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20 Responses

  1. Rose Manupello says:


  2. Amber Akland says:

    This was great! Awesome job, Andrew! Khloe feel better soon! :)

  3. TheSophinaaa says:

    Nice video.. good job Andrew.. Would like to see some more videos with you
    in them

  4. Rose Manupello says:

    Not that mr fox isn’t cool! But! I hope she feels better Bc no one wants to
    be sick!

  5. Ashley Stacoviak says:

    This was a little boring because you weren’t doing it ( no afence Andrew)
    and it wasn’t loud I couldn’t hear u.
    Get better soon!
    Nice job Andrew.
    Please continue series!!!! So looking forward to it!!!! 🙂 

  6. The IceSimmer says:

    Nice job, Andrew! You should post your own vids… Get well soon,

  7. DiversityProductions says:

    hugs. feel better

  8. Lyssa Simmers says:

    I loved it, Andrew. You did a great job! 🙂 I hope you get better soon,

  9. ßrandon says:

    Tell her I said Get Well Soon!

  10. Bizzie-Mimi says:

    Aww, I hope Khloe feels better soon! Also, if you want to post videos of
    your own then do it. Don’t worry about it becoming a ‘thing’, just do it
    for fun.

  11. diazlover102 says:

    Love this cant wait to see an update on your Sims, but I hope Khloe feels
    better soon it sucks being sick

  12. Rachel Blankinship says:

    Awww! You’re such a good husband Andrew! Tell Chloe I said get well, and
    tell her to drink tons of water! With lemon if possible! Nicely done Mr.

  13. GamingMermaid says:

    Hey Andrew! You did a great job. 🙂 I hope Khloe feels better soon. <3

  14. xSimSugar says:

    Aw your adorable! Well done Mr Copperfox

  15. Payton Greenfield says:

    Good video and first!

  16. lpsbarbiesparkle toysforever says:

    can you do more mincraft vinal fantasy please I realy liked it please tell
    Khloe and consider it please

  17. Nicole Tyer says:

    Feel better soon

  18. Sarah Gibbons says:

    1st view 2nd comment

  19. CopperFoxGames says:

    Mr. Fox Plays The Sims 4 #thesims #thesims4

  20. Nicole Tyer says:

    Feel better

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