Life in the Sims 4 #11: The Worst Wedding Ever.

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20 Responses

  1. FriendsDoMinecraft says:

    Clone kish dies…. From hive

  2. jtlego1 says:

    Well, that was a cluster fuck of a wedding……

  3. Sagemaster15 says:

    You are cordially invited to Hiveleader and Kish’s crappy wedding. 

  4. Otilia Bautista says:


  5. Logan Langdon says:

    I am sOOO happy nao the big wedding is hereeeee

  6. Kaduzinho Alberti says:

    Phoenix Down used on Kish

  7. AlphaEvoGust says:

    Germanic descent that is +Sagemaster15 

  8. Dracoast says:

    I wanted Kish’s clone to murder Hive Leader. Now the future is meant to
    repeat it’s self. Vanilla needs to murder Hive Leader. Revenge is needed
    for Kish’s past self. MURDER!!! MURDER!!!!!! SACRIFICE!!!!!!!!

  9. 22kuter says:

    Umm sages your sim is missing his job a lot at this rate you will be
    fired….. I think

  10. Cupcakesalot luvskats says:

    Ohhhhhh crap…

  11. TheHiveLeader says:

    And now for Part 2 of my evil plan.

  12. Angelofdarkness4777 says:

    *offers a panda to kish* 

  13. Arshia Chopra says:

    Seltin’s such a SLOOT

  14. Reagan McMahan says:

    wooh hoo with them then shell have a baby

  15. animefan25 says:

    How actual are these Sims to what you guys really look like?

  16. Pakpravee says:

    Did you make a new Kish because the other Kish died

  17. Ms.Fandom TV says:

    No vanilla x Kish was my OTP!! Also, FANCY PARTY!

  18. Kent Springborn says:

    …What is that thing that crawls across the floor in Hive’s house? o.o|||

  19. Mia Grooms says:

    This is not evil Kish, nor is she good Kish. She is not fancy Kish, weird
    Kish, new Kish, alive Kish, or any of those.

  20. PrincessCiel72 says:

    Kish, will rule this house with her clone and her ghost beware!

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