Let’s Play The Sims Makin Magic — Producer Gameplay

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  1. jay andersen says:

    in sims 4 cant you make a making magic sims 4?? i LOVE the the sims making

  2. Morgan Brionne says:

    I miss playing this game. Everyday after school , i would rush to finish my
    homework and play The first Sims. It was so much fun! Can’t wait until the
    sims 4 to release ! :)

  3. AngelOfDarkness says:

    The Goth’s are my fave too! Which is why I hated how fuckugly they looked
    in S3… Morty and B look so much better in S4! 😀 Can’t wait to play them
    .. <3

  4. hartage4 says:

    Real cool EA, close down the sims 1 & 2 website but still do let’s play of

  5. isNakePT says:

    this game is fucking awesome

  6. Aiden na says:

    i miss the old sims!!! :'(

  7. Katy Martin says:

    I LOVED Makin Magic as a kid! By far one of the best ep’s I’ve ever played
    for the Sims. 

  8. Madison Breckenridge says:

    Had this game! so crazy!!

  9. Kelly Strouse says:

    OMG IT WAS MADE IN 2003 I WAS Born In 2003!!! Im 11 XD

  10. Elias Aboujaoude says:

    and they should make a magical town like magic town in sims 1 it was cool
    how u travel from town to town

  11. Raylyn MoCo says:

    I have never played the sims 2 and recently I saw a lets play with the sims
    2 and wow I’ve got to say, the sims 4 you better have a lot of interactions
    like the sims 2! How they had the HAIR MOVEMENTS! How when the person who
    cooked went to the table and served the dish! How they GOT INTO THE
    CAR! How they had open lots and lively restaurants. Mind blown! It was so
    amazing! How you could hold hands at the table and blow a kiss. Seriously
    I’ve got to say I see why people stuck to the sims 2 than the sims 3. Ya
    the sims 3 had CASt (Create A Style), but sims 2 had more connections to
    people! I mean I still want CASt don’t get me wrong! EA please here us out
    we want our special moments back!

  12. Seaweed Coffeetv says:

    I remember sims 1 I could never keep my sims happy XD

  13. SammyWinters442 says:

    I miss makin’ magic.. Memories. I wonder where that old cd is.

  14. Sandbox Gaming says:

    This brings back so many memories! :)

  15. Tusumia says:

    Sims would be nice if you could like become a murderer(or at least try to
    kill because in rl you know it doesn’t always work as they want it),
    detective ( and actually go around asking questions and bringing people
    in), become a stalker , call the police on other people, be a bully or help
    the bullied by actually being able to see whats going on in the class room
    and do different stuff instead of the work hard/meet friends/etc. thing.
    Make the game more realistic while keeping its fantasy stuff. Like allow
    there to be homeless sims, or children (as a example) live in the jungle
    alone being raised by an animal such a wolves, tigers, or monkeys. A
    traveling circus would be a nice addition w/ a freak show of course and add
    sims got talent like we have america’s got talent. Have old people homes
    and be able to control a sim in foster care and have the choice of them
    being adopted and running away and dragged back by the police if caught or
    stay with the new family. and like you get to pick a country to live in and
    what ever you pick has a different living system like the USA or England (
    having the royal family) get a chance to marry into the royal family or
    become the king of Rock(elvis presley). Be able have miscarages or
    abortions. Alow different heights to sims body, let people go into a
    polytheistic marriage on purpose and allow them to be happy about it or
    figure out that your man or women was cheating on you and be angry. Get DNA
    tests so that if people are with a cheating sim they can prove that the
    child is their. You know just make it closer to the things you can do in
    real life,

  16. jessica villatoro says:

    Did They add the sims sigh over her head when they edited it or was it a
    head band? If it was a head band then were can I get one!!!!!!

  17. Josemaria Javier Divina says:

    I work for EA Maxis and there will be The Sims 4 : Religions in which Sims
    have beliefs and religions.

  18. appietjappiee says:

    They play this because they finally realized their newer games suck 

  19. beyondsims says:

    EA really need to get The Sims 2 BACK on Origin as it was removed for some
    unknown reason, and release The Sims 1 on there too. They’d make so much
    money and it’s a darn shame that newer fans who were not around for TS1 &
    TS2 (or crazy fans like me who want to buy it all over again) as they’re
    unable to experience it 🙁

    Please EA? <3 <3

  20. neechee007 says:

    I didn’t figure out all of the stuff you could do back then. Nowadays I can
    just google everything, with sims1 I had to find out myself.

  21. River Night says:

    I love how the producers of this game are terrible at it, at least the sims

  22. marcllorca101 says:

    I wish EA Games would do what Rockstar Games did, put their old games on
    newer devices like having GTA 3 on iPad. I wish they could do it with The
    Sims 1 Complete Collection. I mean, its their 15th anniversary next year.

  23. Danielle Heath says:

    I remember this game!!! I was only 6years old and loved it. It was my 2nd
    fav expansion pack 

  24. dragonspyre101 says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 14 years now…. the feels!

  25. GeneralFatPug says:

    I’m looking to get the old sims games, (Sims 1 and 2). Could anybody tell
    me good places to look?

  26. Abigail Jordan says:

    This was my favorite one :)

  27. Adam taleb says:

    I’m one of those people who were very young to play the sims 1 and 2 and
    now I’m a huge fan of the sims 1 and 2,especially 2

  28. Ooagrimsrud oagrimsrud says:

    Web dont the sims 4 like sims 2 andre 3

  29. Burqa says:

    at least this sims1 expansion pack has pools in it!!

  30. Elias Aboujaoude says:

    i wish bonehilda will be available in the sims 4 supernatural pack or
    whatever they will call it cz she is amazing and i stil play sims 1 and i
    lov it more then sims 3

  31. Alejandro Angulo says:

    Well, the only thing I want to the sims 4 is an expasion like showtime, but
    more realistic like the singer sign contracts with record companies, the
    career of acting I wanna see how they make the scenes something like that.
    Please if the sims 4 make this thing would be the most amazing games in the
    galaxy! :P

  32. TheCrazyBrittish says:

    I really REALLY hope the sims 4 has a magic town once again because makin
    magic was the best! it could be really funny.

  33. TheDailyCrumb2 says:

    should do more of these

  34. MegaBlindy says:

    Why can’t you guys make it in sims 4? Sims 4 making magic? Im not the only
    one who wants it, i know it!


    p.s. sims 1 was brought out in 2003 right so it would be 11 years old dah

  36. XUrbanGamerX says:

    this game seems cool, i might get the Sims 1 entire expansion pack

  37. kemah brock says:

    i remember when my sister and i were little we asked for the sims makin
    magic for christmas from santa. well, one day we were playing hide n seek
    and i hid in a closet. In the closet I found this game a week before
    christmas! i rationalized that there was no Santa. My sister cried for
    days. this game ruined christmas. we eventually got over it when we started
    playing it. 

  38. derrick borzon says:

    i was one years old when they made the sims 1

  39. Sieglinde Kiekens says:

    Pleaze make some things for the sims 2 i really like the game i only need 1
    expansion pack the sims 2 seasons pleaze give it a trei

  40. Lexi Rexi says:

    I hope there’s a good supernatural / magic expansion pack for Sims 4 that’s
    as good as Makin’ Magic was. Supernatural for the Sims 3 was… alright, I
    guess. But it could have been so much more.

  41. QueenOfGames says:

    LOOK ()()()()()()()>>>>>>>>>>I have a problem, I looked at the Sims 4, and
    im extremely upset about how the hair looks, in Sims 3 you could put in
    dyes, color the roots and it looked real! im upset about how blocky the
    hair looks, and how non real and how you cant do much, could you fix it? I
    know tons of other people are asking the same
    thing<<<<<<<<<<<<<()()()()()()() LOOK

  42. Sam Love says:

    The Sims treat customers like dirt with much district and hate. Why buy the
    game? It saddens me to be a long time customer from the very start and to
    be treated like garbage. Remember the customer pay your bills and put food
    on yr plate!! You want people to buy your games and store items but you
    treat us like dirt. Why do you hate your customers? We are very nice

  43. Софья Медведева says:


  44. Sierra Bunny says:

    On the sims 3 do the dragon eggs hatch?

  45. PeeJay Torres says:

    Wowwwww Sims 1 looked like shit lol

  46. K Keith says:

    can someone please help me with this??? I got the world adventures and
    generations I installed both of them on my windows 8 laptop. After I
    finished installing both of them this thing just popped up and said
    “launcher had stopped working” so I uninstalled both games then reinstalled
    it and the same thing came up about how the launcher stopped working.
    Please help me! I have been trying to figure out how to fix this since the
    start of April! I even called EA but they didn’t help me at all!! 

  47. DiplexR XVI says:

    Can’t even describe how amazing it was playing this when I was a kid

  48. Laila Noble says:


  49. Zachary Buchanan says:

    I got 9,000,000 simoleons >:D

  50. Marya Kh says:

    I wonder how fun it could be if sims 4 supernutral come

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