Let’s Play The Sims 4 – Part 7 (Community Garden)

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20 Responses

  1. Little Aleksandr says:

    YES! Been waiting for this! :D

  2. Kohl Russell says:

    Daniella Papaya dresses in shades of cool. 

  3. tdilover17 says:

    Can you change Daniella’s hair too please!

  4. ForeverBeyondMe says:

    Andrew i have Said this about 15 times and I’m going to say it for the 16th
    tome….. You have such a beautiful and claming voice !

  5. Haz Hartridge says:

    Thanks for the great videos and for uploading in 1080. :)

  6. mizzdiva36 says:

    Hey Andrew if you want extra cash you should try breeding the frogs to get
    even rarer ones that cost even more simoleons

  7. DreamySim❤ says:

    That voice tho

  8. dann965backup says:

    Hey Andrew,
    I noticed you never paid bills….is that not part of the Sims anymore?

  9. The B&G says:

    Honestly Andrew, you build the best houses ever!
    Any good tips?

  10. Huntersoarous says:

    I love how “Oh wow” and “it’s fine” are apart of your regular vocabulary
    now. XD 

  11. Freya Shrestha says:

    Love this! My new favorite LP! I’ve been waiting all day for this! Haha

  12. hollaylay09 says:

    Omg Japan?! Please take me with you so we can drink sake, eat sushi, go do
    karaoke, get saved by magical girl vigilante’s if someone starts
    trouble…you know normal Japanese stuff XD

  13. Naramana16 says:

    How do you move objects like that in buy mode? it only move frame-by-frame
    on the floor instead of freely like Andrew does.

  14. Nicole K. games says:

    Their house is looking great! And Daniella’s new outfit really suits her :)

  15. Will says:

    Have fun in Japan!! Wish you were a vlogger so we could see your trip. 😛 

  16. MustacheMovieGirl says:

    I was just watching my little sisters video on her channel, and I see
    this…. I happy dance. Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  17. gotaluvsims says:

    The Papayas seem to love cheese.. Mac N Cheese/Grilled Cheese. That’s just
    a lot of cheese. ;p
    PS You can help them cook better meals by being inspired while cooking. 🙂
    You could also select multiple outfits for each category and each time they
    shower or wake up for the day they’ll change on their own

  18. Ashley Elliott says:

    <3 +Andrew Arcade 

  19. Pete Lucero says:

    Hey Andrew! You know you can add multiple outfits for each category right?
    Use the little arrow above the outfit category symbols. 🙂 – PJ

  20. Love live love says:

    I’m sad that the videos won’t be so long :(

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