Let’s Play The Sims 4 – Part 6 (Green Thumb)

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20 Responses

  1. AllSheilacan says:

    I have a question about the ageing in Sims 4. Is it like in Sims 3, so that
    you’re whole neighborhood is ageing while you play or like in Sims 2, so
    that only the family you’re playing with ages while you play?

  2. Jason Kelly says:

    Is this going to be coming out for Xbox 360 or PS3? I just learned that my
    computer doesn’t meet the required specs. 🙁 

  3. Andrew Arcade says:

    Hi everyone! The next part will most likely be made on Monday because I am
    doing a 24 hour live stream today at 1PM PDT over at
    http://www.twitch.tv/andrewarcade :)

  4. Nicole K. games says:

    I cannot wait to see what Mac looks like as a child! You think you might
    have a little party to celebrate his birthday? More for the adults…but
    still haha, any excuse to party 😉 Especially with the new goal type things
    you have with them! Great part btw, I’m excited for the next one :D

  5. Dylan Chestnutt says:

    Do you record these back to back?

  6. LilRav3n says:

    It has been completed! :O Congrats Andrew!

  7. Serkisx | Gaming Channel says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for a whole day! Thanks so much, love watching
    these series.

  8. Tori Bredehoeft says:

    Finally bit the bullet and spent the $60 last night! The CAS is as far as
    I’m at (I’m a perfectionist, haha) – and I just gotta say I’m really
    disappointed with the small amount of personality trait choices. I know
    it’s just the base game, but I feel they coulda added more. >.<

  9. MegaLuckyLeaf says:

    And my little girl layla is partners in crime with the little goth o; it’s
    so cute ! 

  10. MichaelPlays123 says:

    do all the babies have the same skin tone?

  11. Dakota Crabtree says:

    I know you don’t like cheating in game, but could you make a video showing
    the cheats? Thanks

  12. pokemon5827 says:

    hey Andrew, im having a problem on rotating items on my sims 4 and im hold
    the left mouse button but its not working? WHAT DO I DO?!? also holding the
    alt button and the left mouse button at the same time isn’t working too

  13. Calalini Grimwood says:

    HSHSHSHSHSSHSHZZZZZZ I was mentioned and yeah you pronounced it right.
    Actually the first 🙂 Thank you for liking my idea! ^u^

  14. Mehdi Sadik says:

    can’t wait for the makeover!

  15. fancysimmer says:

    I just realized I haven’t even gone to the museum yet. Oops.

  16. kilotheawesome says:


  17. Caitlyn says:

    Tiliapia is actually a really delicious fish.

  18. Danik Chaykin says:

    You should give Mac the child science kit.

  19. Chaotic Niki says:

    You know, I think if you hover over the actions (for example: ‘Take brisk
    shower’) it should show what effect it has on your Sims.

  20. SimLanding says:

    Ti-lah-p-AH Thats how you pronounce it, it is a really good fish!

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