Let’s Play: The Sims 4 [Part 5] – Secret World!

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16 Responses

  1. Laurin Garcia says:

    I don’t know if you have noticed but they keep canceling out of activities.
    Especially when you tell them to cook. I noticed that when they are in the
    middle of cooking and if you queue up a knew task they will stop cooking
    and abandon it.

  2. iPodZeke1 says:

    Part 5 of LP @TheSims 4 is up! We discover a secret World/Neighborhood!

  3. Amy Schneider says:

    can you turn your volume up on your mic just a little bit more, then it
    wiil hopefully be good. Sorry I asked again, but it’s because I plug in my
    IPOD earphones into my computer. so yeah, and thank you in advance.

  4. dylanisawesome_xx says:

    Your a little quite seek 

  5. Commander Canada says:

    Actually I was first

  6. TheLazyLioness says:

    I was playing the Sims 4 and although you might already have discovered
    this but I wanted to tell someone who understands the obsession but I
    discovered that if a sim is feeling flirty they can take a cold
    shower….just…oh my! Not big news but still amazing!

  7. Adam Vidalis says:

    You’re so classless. This game also looks like it really sucks.

  8. DaftLogic says:

    im willing to bet in future expansions fairies and unicorns will have
    something to do with this place…

  9. Mary Love says:

    where can i download the game i really want to play it!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Commander Canada says:

    The secret world made me want pink cotton candy

  11. Charles Cornelius says:

    Next one plz

  12. oloFTW says:


  13. Amber Vieu says:

    Your videos give me life

  14. Jennette McCurdy Fan says:

    There is a 2nd hidden place in the desert place in Oasis Springs but you
    need 10 handiness skill..

  15. Marin Y. says:

    Zeke <3

  16. Tega Ejay says:

    Ipodzeke are u gay no offence

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