Let’s Play The Sims 4! (Part 11) – Demon Baby!

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9 Responses

  1. Sophie Lewis says:

    That baby was really scary! Does that happen with all games?

  2. Chastity Lackey says:

    Hi I love ur videos so much can u try to do three videos each day 

  3. Polly .G.H Furbys says:

    so scary

  4. Maisie Townson says:

    Such a funny episode love your videos xx

  5. Chastity Lackey says:


  6. Tru Equality says:

    Love your videos 

  7. angel baker says:

    whoa! thats the worst glitch ever!!

  8. Leah W says:

    Glad I haven’t encountered that glitch, but my first pregnancy in the game
    was twins! 

  9. Lamont Williams says:

    You can still work pregnant

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