Let’s Play The Sims 4 “Making Room for Baby”

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20 Responses

  1. Silerbabywolfz says:

    I like the redecorating, also the computers are still outside. hehehe

  2. John Holland says:

    U should do a hunger games in the sims 4

  3. Kenzie P says:


  4. Tricia Frink says:

    can u play Sims 4 on mac

  5. Anna Tortellini says:

    You left the computers outside! 🙂 I love how the house looks now, by the

  6. Nakari Johnson says:

    +copperfoxgames what happened to mine craft?

  7. Georgia Madden says:

    Love your sims 4 series 

  8. Sara Howard says:

    “Cotton headed niggy muffin” I died xD

  9. Chloe Hunter says:

    Awsome house but your sims are gonna go on the computer outside?

  10. Yael Chan says:

    i don’t know if someone already told you, but your voice is to pretty, i
    like it :3

  11. MelodieFlower says:

    Great episode

  12. Niomi White says:

    How come the gameplay and your voice is off just wondering 

  13. Enchanted MSP says:

    60th Viewer

  14. AnimalCare4You says:

    Please add another couch to the lounge please cos it looks really weird ( I
    think )

  15. CopperFoxGames says:

    Let’s Play The Sims 4: Episode 4 “Making Room for Baby” #thesims4

  16. Kai Doherty says:

    I love the house now!

  17. Gaming4Life says:

    Love your new profile pic <3 nice episode, as always!

  18. shingstar f. says:

    Your awesome

  19. Ryann Kaplan says:

    Copperfox- I hope you haven’t already answered this questions but how does
    the bootcamp program work with sims 4?

  20. Madeline Reagan says:

    Andrew please play more on Pablano and Nina!!!! I found you soooo

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