Let’s Play The Sims 4 | Part 12 – Holla Dolla!

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20 Responses

  1. Sophie Moore says:

    Like this comment if your under 301 views!!!

  2. Melissa A says:

    Clean the tub it’s also dirty

  3. Serious Simmer says:

    Saw your selfie on twitter. Your so pretty 🙂 

  4. Grace W. says:

    I’m seriously loving the intro! *-* 

  5. Sophie Moore says:

    Baby names:

    Girl: Maia

    Boy: Aaron

    Girl: Liberty

    Boy: Dylan

  6. Ellieslife says:

    Literally right when I saw this i whispered outloud “YAS slay my queen”

  7. Dudy_GS says:


  8. Taylur Swift says:

    i love yur voice

  9. Optimistic xo says:

    replace Nicole’s walls with flowers

  10. Fantasyrocks10 says:

    If it’s a boy Aaron if it’s a girl Erika 

  11. Zaviera Presley says:

    if the baby’s a girl make it a troulbemaker and name her Alexia or Xander
    and make him a social butterfly

  12. cehedges says:

    Oh man I miss Blues Clues! And Magenta! Nawww used to love it when I was
    little. On the note of old shows, I used to love Little Bill too. Argh I
    wish I had a pc just to play the sims hahaha! So i’m living through you ;)

  13. Davi Monteiro says:

    i love your videos

  14. SarahSays... says:

    lol “not a lot of thought goes into teddy bears when your a kid” I agree
    with that but when I was 6 I shit you not I declared my teddy bear to be
    named Don Francisco and that is his name to this very day lol he’s sitting
    next to my pillow pets right now xD I’m so mature for being almost 19

  15. FallenIntoSpace says:

    Clean the bathtub! That’s what’s making them uncomfortable and unhappy.

  16. Gaming4Life says:

    Amazing episode!

  17. Jacob King says:

    Make your vids long time 35 mins

  18. AColdSummerProductions says:

    I love blues clues XD

  19. Emma .M. Dossett says:

    If it’s a girl Maia if its a boy Jacob


    That doll thing that you said was a stud that was Cameron

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