Let’s Play – The Sims 4 Gay Romance Edition (Part 5) Adopting Babies

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20 Responses

  1. Kara Argus says:

    Are you saying you DONT throw the baby in the air to change its
    diaper…uh…whoops *looks at pile of babies on the floor*…I’m sorry
    that’s not funny…

  2. Nicky The Master of the Unicorns! says:

    the fridge was in the household inventory

  3. TheCrazyBrittish says:

    the background only gets blurred when you zoom in because the game wants
    you to focus on the sims

  4. Sims3loser, The Awkward Simmer says:
  5. michael young says:

    i knew you were gay

  6. deibreak says:

    +Sims3loser, The Awkward Simmer You should check your family inventory,
    when you re-size a room and everything can’t fit that’s where your stuff

  7. SuperfreakGem84 says:

    Quin the Fridge and the counters will be in your inventory. I did the same
    as you done. When my Sims had there son, bought a styled room and added it
    on to the parents bedroom and most the furniture (thought it all got
    deleted) but it was in my inventory. So don’t worry I’m sure we have all
    done it. After all it still is a new game, and now you can sell that shitty
    refrigerator LOL!!! I love this episode it kicks arse, but I do also love
    the Hawkins family. So thank you for making my day brighter with you
    beautiful singing voice and your bloody hilarious commentating big hugs and
    kisses xxx 

  8. CokeGaming says:


  9. sjon kerde says:

    A babies

  10. Berkan Cetinbag says:

    3rd view and first like

  11. TheCrazyBrittish says:

    Check your family invetory a the very bottom right in build mode, it has
    some items you can sell

  12. The Sims Girly says:


  13. Softballchick1201 says:

    the “Show Off To” interaction doesn’t work for me either :/

  14. Andrea Hernandez says:

    i feel like you could have deleted the baby room and just bought a crib

  15. Christian Taylor-Williams says:

    That’s cool that you’re doing a same sex couple for all us LGBT folk. 

  16. itswmd hide says:

    Loooool u made my day

  17. JustAGirl Irl. says:

    Hmm sounds like Stacy Dilson from Zoey 101

  18. Ferret Alpacalypse says:

    You can adopt with a phone!

  19. KittyKatKay says:

    lmaoooo ! “you want a big ass? You better work bitch” xD

  20. Maxthebeast says:

    Can you please download Josh on the gallery?

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