Let’s Play The Sims 4: Episode 3 “Catastrophic Wedding”

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20 Responses

  1. Skylar Joy says:

    Did she skip 3 it saysart 4?

  2. Kaitlin Rhodes says:

    yes second commet

  3. Silerbabywolfz says:

    You can also breast feed the baby which I thought was cool they blur it
    though but still a cool option

  4. Kerrington H. says:

    I’m playing the sims 3 and I clicked in my character and got the option to
    signal a mermaid and one other options was Salty Seaworth like in your lets
    play the sims 3: all in one and he looks just like him. 

  5. J Sims3 456 says:

    +Sims3CopperFox you forgot to put the episode number

  6. Kenzie P says:

    I’m 100th viewer 

  7. MaKenna Bleier says:

    Sims 3 camera is in game options :)

  8. Allison Eigenbrod says:

    Cant wait till next year when I can get this. :)

  9. Mary Odiero says:

    Will u change ur name to sims4copperfox

  10. Sophie Leonard says:

    Yes first comment

  11. BlueFluffyTedyLuv4Eva150 says:

    For the drinks thing to work they had to finish their drinks :)

  12. GamingMermaid says:

    The wedding was so cute, even though there was a fire haha. I really like
    how there is more mystery with pregnancy, like in real life. 

  13. BlueFluffyTedyLuv4Eva150 says:

    Oh and a tip if you want your sim to get maternity leave you need to have a
    high level skill in writing it can be any sim and they have to write a note
    on the computer for the sim to get maternity leave I don’t know what level
    it is but it needs to be like more than three I think 🙂 

  14. Jill Hackman says:

    How do u rotate object I can’t figure it out

  15. xTheSuperSimmer says:

    Can you please make a video on how you bootcamped you’re computer? I have a
    mac and I really want to play the game!

  16. Sims3CopperFox says:

    Because I can never have a wedding without a catastrophe #thesims4

  17. Kiki Elmer says:

    YA. You Are So Good At This Stuff! But How Do You Pull Out The Cheat Bar?

  18. Mindy Capp says:

    Maybe you should put a space between her first and last name, and leave off
    the * symbol? I don’t have the game, it just seems logical.

  19. Live it love it game it says:


  20. Live it love it game it says:

    You have amazing videos

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