Let’s Play The Sims 4: Episode 1 “Love is in the Air”

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20 Responses

  1. ambahthepanda says:

    I saw an interaction at one point called ‘gaze lovingly into eyes’ or
    something…maybe next time you could try that one out? It’s probably
    nothing special but I’m kinda interested to see it :3

  2. TheSophinaaa says:

    So unfair.. i wanna play it but i got to wait 3 more days for it :(

  3. L.C. Smash says:

    It came out on my birthday (sims 4)

  4. Anne Aadnevik says:

    Awwwwww <3 so cute! i can`t wait until i get the game! Thank u so much for
    posting this video! Its so fun to watch! I hope you have more! :)

  5. Natalie Cummings says:

    omg everyone says that oasis springs is like lucky palms!!!!

  6. Silerbabywolfz says:

    awwh, I love watching your LPs but cause I live in australia I have to wait
    to play the game and I really wanna see things first hand myself 😐 so
    tempting though.

  7. Ava Montague says:

    Get her childern

  8. Prizz Plo says:

    You did it again Khloe lol

  9. Soren Delaney says:

    I am unbelievably jealous right now. It gets released on Friday here! I
    can’t wait :)

  10. staranimalark says:

    will you be continuing the princess games?

  11. Twig Leg says:


  12. Diana Chu says:

    Are you going to change your name to Sims4CopperFox?

  13. Sims3CopperFox says:

    Kate finds love at first sight.

  14. lillyfroo says:

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want this, but I don’t have a local game shop, I’m
    far from America, and Origin isn’t selling it until the 5th….. Hopefully
    this will tame the flames for a while.

  15. Katie Leffler says:

    Kate’s appearance totally reminds me of Felicia Day! 

  16. MoreCatRandomness says:

    I feel like crying right now, I can’t play it, I have a Mac.

  17. Sophie Luiken says:

    I think I like de sims3 more

  18. Sophia Due says:

    How does it feel to have a smoothe game, +Sims3CopperFox ?

  19. Ashanty Rivera says:

    Posted on my birthday lol

  20. tomboy mcl says:

    What are u going to do with things in sims 3 like all in one and princess
    games 2.0 are u going to make them in sims 4 a And start over or carry on
    with them in sims 3

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