Let’s Play : The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo – Ellie + Ian

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9 Responses


    Oh crap i’m first haha nice video :D

  2. Agtubelauren says:

    I read Ellie and Ian and I thought straight away generations couple
    seriously are you trying to make me cry?!? *hugs fom k*

  3. Megan Pritchard says:

    How can anyone even unlike this video. Who ever did is stupid

  4. StickersNP says:

    40 Likes on each of my CAS videos and I’ll be uploading 2 episodes for my
    new Let’s Play : The Sims 4 

  5. Tyty Cuffy says:

    Your a guy?…… ok……..

  6. Isaiah Monteiro says:

    whats the song?? :)

  7. Megan Pritchard says:

    The classic bunny slippers lool

  8. jcjones1013 says:

    Oh my gosh your generations videos are the best I cryed when they were
    over. You should definitely intepret the family in your first lets play

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