Let’s Play The Sims 4 – BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY! – Part 1

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20 Responses

  1. Apotheosi5 says:

    Is the embargo gone, or is this a promotion?

  2. TomKell says:

    Love it!

    If you blokes are doing another Civ V series, I’d suggest the Earth 2014

  3. Ears882904 says:

    I suggest Mental Fuck be made the Queens Royal Knight!

  4. TheOmniousWindWalke1 says:

    Laughed my socks off! Good work chaps!

  5. Joemdey says:

    This video…. 10 out of 10 would watch again, funniest video I’ve seen in
    a while!

  6. Penguin Meister says:

    This series will be GLORIOUS !

  7. MrÜbershroom says:


  8. Dhalgrim says:

    this was the right thing to watch between building furniture =)

  9. Rav3nTail says:

    Woah, how did you guys get a copy of the game? I heard EA weren’t giving
    out review codes until release day.

  10. Xeftin says:

    The glorious Queen us looking quite dapper XD

  11. MrFinnishdude says:

    What about toddlers, pools, and toddlers in pools?

  12. Dimitri Agejev says:

    Does anyone else think Charlieboy looks like George Bush?

  13. Steph_Man says:

    Haven’t laughed this hard in ages. Bloody well done!

  14. Git Legit says:

    Never thought I’d see the day that Unit Lost launched a Sims LP. Not that
    there’s anything wrong with that (officially) but I didn’t think it’d be
    their kind of game.

  15. Unit Lost - Great British Gaming says:

    Let’s Play The #Sims4 – BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY! GOOD LORD!

  16. GlassyDudeZoic says:


  17. hibernate44 says:

    I havent had a good laugh in a while. Thank you this had Worth!

  18. BrumelyKris says:

    This is a Sim series I can get behind, regardless of how gash this game is.

    EDIT: This was just too hilarious, disturbed too many people with my
    laughter. More of this stuff.

  19. Tom Collier says:

    Kiri’s impression of Dukeybaby was fucking spot on

  20. MrGreeva says:

    Did you blokes just dress our beloved Queen in a fucking pimp hat and
    afro!? Treason! She’s Queen Elizabeth not Queen Latifah!

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