Let’s Play The Sims 4 – |1| – So Confused!

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12 Responses

  1. ThatScottyGamer :D says:

    Story line FTW!

  2. Jacob Johnston says:

    Hi its been so long since i have been on this wonderful chanal remember me

  3. Weird Gamegurl99 says:

    Love ya please reply me

  4. Layla Kayla Dp says:

    ME SO JELLY!!!My step-dad is getting it for me but mayby on Friday ( today
    is Tuesday in RSA

  5. Rainbowjem Offical says:

    OMG MINECRAFT 1.8 HAS JUST COME OUT!! WOO HOO!!!!! 😀 😀 ^.^ ^.^

  6. Shaghayegh Kh says:

    Nova u left minecraft

  7. SheWolfDeadly says:

    It’s finally here! I’ll get to know things before the next episode. It’ll
    be much better! ;)

  8. ThatScottyGamer :D says:

    Nova! Bama! Scotty! Panda!

  9. Bella Monte says:

    Hey i just watched ihascupquaks enchanted oasis and i saw that u put the
    modpack together.Can you do that for me plz plz respond i just subscribed
    and i really want the modpack that u put together for ihascupquake! plz
    my minecraft name is sophiecatmeow and my server is hosted by craftnode

  10. ThatScottyGamer :D says:

    Nova, when is the server going to be up :D

  11. Kittah Games says:

    i was very confused too hun xD i got it though and i luv but i will love
    the sims 3 always and the others aswell!!

  12. Briana Niles says:

    I love your work

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