Let’s Play The Sims 3: The Princess Games 2.0 Episode 3 “The 1st Death”

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20 Responses

  1. francisaruiza says:


  2. rayja folley says:

    for the slave it should be Barbie

  3. Maria Herrera says:

    Your kinda close to the mic

  4. NicPlayGames says:

    Its so dumb that people get angry over you “copying” KPopp. You made her
    idea your own and gave it another life. I love her HG series and I love
    yours too. Keep up the great work and remember that haters are no better
    than the gum under your shoe ;)

  5. ever after high says:

    My favorite die 

  6. Addison the Simmer says:

    My favorite princess died 

  7. Awkward Luigy says:


  8. lani renae latiolais says:

    #Sims3CoffeeFox lol.

  9. SkellyGirl says:

    I luv Vanellope and Kida sooooo much

  10. Webkinz Aholic says:


  11. Soren Delaney says:

    Before the death round, I said “Anyone but Rapunzel”, and look where that
    got us *#TeamRapunzel**’sGhost*

  12. Miss Kamin says:

    52 comment luv the vids

  13. Sims3CopperFox says:

    The first princess to die is……

  14. smembi says:

    The second saddest Sims related event to happen to me today! The first was
    my game got all glitchy and nothing was saved!

  15. Carmen Andrade says:

    OMG I’m in love with VANELOPE 

  16. Elis Charlesworth says:

    Nòoooooooooo my best frienf ever rapunzel. 🙁 im still team ginger anna and
    merida go girls

  17. xSimSugar says:

    No spoilers but THANK GAWD hahahaha!!! My heart was in my throat! Shame for
    the one thats dead by im still happy happy happy!!!!!!

  18. DollsAndCupcakes says:

    U should do a generations LP ;-D

  19. collie love says:

    YES the coffee sips r back! last episode i was like “who is this imposer of
    copper? theres no coffee sips!!”

  20. kerri sanders says:

    lets just be happy that melody is so far not a failure mermaid like her mom

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