Let’s Play The Sims 3: The Princess Games 2.0 Episode 2 “Superior Girls”

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20 Responses

  1. AprilSnowPearl says:

    Who won the Villain games

  2. p.h.d. says:

    For the death challenge you should buy a megaphone (from university life)
    for all of them and and make them rant about death it might take a while
    for the grim reaper to stop forgiving them but he’ll do it eventually

  3. luna cicharz says:

    Who is kida?

  4. wolves heart says:

    XD i think of sitting on the toilet XD eating on the toilet…eating on the
    toilet…gotta eat :3

  5. Americangurlz12345 says:

    4th comment I think

  6. xSimSugar says:

    Yes Merida thats my girl! Get that bed! So proud! The pie eating contests
    are hilarious

  7. LazerMaster C says:

    Where is the poll?

  8. A Piot says:

    My fav is Merida and i really do not like Kida. So sad Merida did not
    win… :(

  9. Kennedy Grant says:

    i think punishment for rapaunzel should be she has to cut her hair short
    like in the movie

  10. Imogen Boshier says:

    Are we going to be able to download the princesses after they die?

  11. Sims3CopperFox says:

    Merida knows whats up!

  12. Olivia Lorincz says:

    What happens if Melody is just as dumb as her mother? *facepalm*

  13. Ditzy Doo says:

    The princess I don’t know is kida

  14. Terry Bourque says:

    3:23 Melody’s Eating on the toilet lol

  15. Isabel Riley says:

    Kida should go to a dive lot if it’s possible in Sunset valley which I
    think it is

  16. Michelle Thongkhan says:

    Is there gonna be a The Vampire Diaries Hunger Games? ( sorry for my bad
    english )

  17. cCrazy Elepant says:

    is it bad I dont know who melody or kida is?

  18. Elsa Winter says:

    I say that the punishment should be that they have to stay in a tiny room
    with nothing in it, no doors, and no windows. It doesn’t have lighting
    either. And they stay in that room for about a day, or half a day. Depends
    on their hunger bar.

  19. ellohayley says:

    You could give keyta her magic crystal necklace or her dog lizard lava

  20. Tara Leatherman says:

    Where is the poll at?

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