Let’s Play the Sims 3: Seasons Legacy Episode 9 “Everyone gets Kissed”

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20 Responses

  1. Amy Gr says:

    1st and love your videos

  2. Twig Leg says:

    Would you guys stop being total jerks? It’s not Kloe’s fault most people
    ship Jelsa.

  3. Un0Simz says:

    tbh frozen wasnt even a good movie

  4. Extreme Simmer says:

    I think Jack still has feelings for Hans.

  5. coffeesims says:

    really 490 votes for jack please khloe don’t that is so predictable please
    please please xoxo coffeesims

  6. Aurora Torres says:

    I hate “Jelsa” now i hate this serie 

  7. Sims3CopperFox says:

    Who is kissing who?

  8. Sass and Sims says:

    Hey I have discovered your channel now and I absolutely LOVE it! You have
    earned yourself a new subscriber!

  9. BubblyGames says:

    Anna with Kristoff, Elsa with Connor, and Jack can be with his one true
    love: Hans.

  10. Jodi B says:

    I just want to say thank you Khloe…I really enjoy your videos. Even when
    sometimes I may have different ideas than you 🙂 That’s what makes us
    human… I also want to let you know I admire what you do. People on here
    can be so cruel and there is really no need for it. Its sad :(

  11. FireofGia says:

    I’m sad that so many people want Elsa and Jack together. I was hoping for
    Connor Frio to marry her. :(

  12. Amp theSocklord says:

    OMG! Jelsa is so cute so are Anna and Kristoff.
    this is how thay should stay together like this IT’S SUPER CUTE!

  13. hiya biya says:

    Get Anna to ask Elsa to build a snowman. It’s tiny. But it MUST happen!

  14. wendy wulleart says:

    Fantastic episode xx Elsa did have the option to Propose going Steady, with
    Jack, So i still do think Elsa and Jack, Anna and Kristoff, xx

  15. Prizz Plo says:

    Khloe,you are the best simmer EVER!!

  16. funky world says:

    I think Hans and jack should be a couple and let Elsa date Conner and Anna
    with kristoff

  17. bubbleheadash says:

    It really seems like Elsa and Jack aren’t meant to be. Plus, Conner’s last
    name is Frio, which totally sounds like he’s meant to be with Elsa. For
    anyone that doesn’t know, frio is spanish for cold.

  18. Amanda Winslow says:

    I swear I’ll stop watching if Jack Frost and Elsa marry and won’t watch
    till after winter is over! I hate that everyone does it!!!

  19. FUCK THE NEW FRED 2.0 says:

    JELSA I hate that name I sucks d*ck

  20. Sydney Dalbeth says:

    Anna and Kristoff Elsa and Jack Frost

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