Let’s Play the Sims 3: Seasons Legacy Episode 7 “When Jack met Elsa”

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21 Responses

  1. Prizz Plo says:

    I want Anna and Kristoff and Elsa to be with Jack Frost or Hans.

  2. Rachel Carr says:

    NOOO!!! Hans got mad at Elsa and ruined her snowman!! You can see when Elsa
    and Jack Frost are talking. Out in the corner of the window you can see
    Hans jump on the snowman and ruin it!!!

  3. Kaylee Johnson says:

    Look out window 20: 35

  4. Miss Kamin says:

    So cute 

  5. smembi says:

    Um, the garbage is front of the stove, and that’s a problem.

  6. Miracle Davenport says:

    First comment

  7. LaniiBug says:

    When is the princess games coming out. PS LOVE UR COMTENT

  8. ever after high says:

    I’m doing a disney channel legacy 

  9. maya sobaszek says:

    It would be funny if elsa and kristoff liked each other 

  10. Aurora Torres says:

    I hate “Jelsa”

  11. Eki Games says:

    nooo i dont like Elsa and Jack frost together

  12. Ivory Rose says:

    Your youtube name should be sims3coffeFox

  13. Americangurlz12345 says:

    Where is the poll?

  14. Miss Kamin says:


  15. Malaa Slatka says:

    Why does where ever Elsa is there has to be Jack Frost

  16. Kitty Kat says:

    wheres the poll

  17. Miracle Davenport says:

    I like it

  18. MelodieFlower says:

    Great episode

  19. Sims3CopperFox says:

    Elsa Meets Jack Frost :)

  20. EPICx SOURSOP says:

    This is totally late but I have a blue yeti mic too!

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