Let’s Play the Sims 3: Seasons Legacy Episode 10 “Wedding Prep”

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20 Responses

  1. Madison Laughton says:

    I don’t understand the ship between Elsa and jack cause jack is like 16 and
    Elsa is lik 20 summing 

  2. hiya biya says:

    Make sure you change Elsa’s outfit to her formalwear otherwise when she
    gets married she will wear the other dress because you put her wedding
    outfit on everyday

  3. The Fandom Network says:

    the reason it said “confess to cheating” was because she still has hans as
    a romantic interest, so until she asks him to just be friends then she
    could be accused of cheating at anytime

  4. ClairesSimsNation says:

    The sped up part is my voice in real life lol

  5. Sims3CopperFox says:

    Everyone gets engaged and starts planning!

  6. Andrew Hepditch says:

    I think Deligracy might have a video about it…..I know she plays on a

  7. starkio says:

    for future reference CopperFox in order to get the ask to move in i’m
    pretty sure it has to say something like Christoff thinks Anna is being
    Friendly (for anna and christof obviously)

  8. Princess Joy Megino says:

    I hate anna’s wedding outfit

  9. Teresa H says:

    If you ever need someone to make a Disney Princess SIM for you, please ask
    me! Just got a lot of hair and clothes for Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora,

  10. Asia Trimble says:

    Why havent you been doing princess games 2.0

  11. Mary Odiero says:

    Not to be rude but u kinda sounded like a chipmunk

  12. YourEvilOverlady says:

    Does anyone know what that spiky eyepatch in her CAS is? I’m making a
    steampunk pirate it would be perfect for.

  13. Cornelius Brown says:

    Copper can you contact XsofiesimX and see if you can use her jack frost
    from her after frozen series? Cause hers is spot on and can anyone tell me
    how to set hair just for one outfit?

  14. Cornelius Brown says:

    Is it bad my favorite part was the sped though part because of her voice?

  15. qliopadra says:

    The chipmunk part made me giggle.

  16. coffeesims says:

    looooool els’s all like “no,no,no!!!! I don’t wanna build a snowman!”

  17. Rachel Carr says:

    Anna’s hair is really ugly, sorry, but I really liked the bun hairstyle
    better. Anyways, great video! I CAN’T WAIT for the next episode 

  18. Kasey Emery says:

    Do the daycare profession for Elsa

  19. hiya biya says:

    The option to ask to move in is in the romantic section after you have been
    romantic for a while

  20. collie love says:

    You sounded like brittney from alvin and the chipmunks in the sped up part

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