Let’s Play the Sims 3: All in One Episode 8 “Blog World Meet Eyla”

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20 Responses

  1. Alexandria Brooks says:


  2. Jade Leggett says:

    You need to be romantic intereststs to do it

  3. San Wu says:

    you have to make them talk until it says eyla thinks leeland is socialbal
    then there is an option to ask to be friends then you can start over with
    the romantic stuffs!

  4. Helena Oliveira says:

    I like River…
    She’s my favorite

  5. Rachel Carr says:

    The third social networking book is orange on 18:48 I saw you scroll by

  6. Nicole GoldenEagle says:

    I would have chosen Im a Carrot! cuz it sounds really funny! LOL

  7. Elsa Kempe says:

    I love your videos <3 Especially the challenges but this is cool too.
    BTW, you can find the social networking skill books faster by filtering the
    books. They're in the "skill" category.

  8. sweetiecoolness7 says:

    pls pls pls pls pls do a how to download custom content vid!!!!! PLS

  9. Chloe Hunter says:

    I think u can turn ava into a mermaid by getting mermaidic kelp from the
    reward box but u have to have about 2500 lifetime happiness points

  10. Alaina Rocks says:

    You passed volume 3

  11. Angelina Huston says:

    15:42 when you posted that blog, you said that Eyla got 3 new followers
    when really she lost them….sorry to rain on your parade about this…
    ~ANGELina <3 

  12. pipiebu pipiebug says:

    Oh and the reason River eats so much is because she is a mermaid and eating
    normal food doesn’t up her hunger that much. Fish and sushi does though

  13. Fitz Gerald says:

    I said this on the last one but guessed you missed it. It’s only a mean
    option if there romantic interest. If there ex’s its friendly but you have
    to do a few friendly options to get them feeling friendly then it should

  14. Maria Katende says:

    You rock coper fox I love your vids

  15. Jade Leggett says:

    Please don’t say shit I’m only 8

  16. coolbluebird21 says:

    (This was a while back, so it might not be entirely right) But I was
    messing with relationships with the ex’s, and I think you need to be
    friendly with them, and the Ask To Be Just Friends will be in the Friendly
    section; I am trying to raid my memory but I THINK that’s how you do it..

  17. Sims3CopperFox says:

    Eyla starts blogging!

  18. Ategina James says:

    I got the sims 3 . Would you give me some cheats ?

  19. Nidia Alejandre says:


  20. Shontay Campbell says:

    I love the first part with that music and all the simmers have inspired me
    to do sims lps in like 6 years and you are way better than life simmer in
    my opinion And I only seen you yesterday 

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