Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 9

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20 Responses

  1. ultimecia102 says:

    Windows are too low…

  2. ben dover says:

    Was i the only one that thought Ellis would become a master baiter after
    reading that fishing book?

  3. RyanWM91 says:

    I know I’m kinda late seeing as how you have a bunch more videos out now so
    maybe you’ve done it all ready but…….you need more counter space, your
    meal preparation gets cut off for just one dirty dish on your tiny counter
    😛 other then that loving your play-through!

  4. Phani Maido says:

    I scroll down the first page of this video’s comments and I’ve laughed out
    loud twice already. Love it.

  5. tyler johnson says:

    i think your sims are getting fatter

  6. AriochGS says:

    3:47 Game of Groans By QQ Vartin!!! LOOOOOOL

  7. fuzzer says:

    I would read Atlas Hugged, maybe I’d even finish it

  8. amandalykke95 says:

    You might know this, but if you press down alt you can rotate and place
    freely outside the grid. 

  9. Felipe Cyrineu says:

    an good example of multi tasking is eat talk and watch tv at the same time

  10. Hosenfuhrer says:

    Wacky Daniel.. Reference to Crazy Dave, maybe?

  11. Herpflerkenssenalermerkinsun Alleraumacdo says:

    Can the Sims get fat ? 

  12. phmarriel says:

    i dont get it..
    why would they need a room they dont sleep in?

  13. TheSkyEnforcer says:


  14. SeanDaRyan says:

    do the sims get fatter if you don’t exercise?

  15. MrWednesday21 says:

    While it was very impressive that she could read and phone at the same
    time, I was slightly disappointed she couldn’t multi-task watering the
    plants with emptying her bladder..

  16. Ycekhold says:

    9:35 “Fish tacos…” *(Beavis & Butt-Head laughter)*

  17. VenDettaDarkStar says:

    btw can a character get unwanted preg after woohoo?

  18. biozak1000 says:

    i like how the second they have sex all romance is gone

  19. Destry Soule says:

    if you send gems or rocks to the geo place you get squares of elements
    that give off emotion auras they are every useful

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