Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 8

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20 Responses

  1. Baby Punter says:

    *Victoria kisses him*
    *He goes to bathroom*
    *Quill hovers over banana in Victoria’s inventory*
    … Why do you do these things to me, brain?

  2. Vexana says:

    Quills inner fangirl is hilariously apparent in this series. Pretty sure I
    heard hims ‘squee’ at one point.

  3. Jevon James says:

    Holy crap quill you’re such a girl I love it though

  4. GarlicPudding says:

    What a couple of lovebirds. :D

  5. Slecker95 says:

    Is the Sims 4 better than its predecessor the Sims 3? 

  6. Makkovar says:

    Hey, who stole the title?

  7. lee raeside says:

    I imagine quills inner monologue was exactly like this when he first met
    his wife.

  8. Logan Aitken says:


  9. ShaddowTrix says:

    What episode did the livestream finish so i know when to start watching

  10. Scott Smart says:

    “We can call Roxanne.” Okay, “Roxanne! You don’t have to put on the red
    light. Roxanne!” Sorry, I had to. That’s too good of a Police song not to
    use it.

  11. GomuGomuDragon says:

    You’re such a big Teddybear Quill.

  12. ruler898 says:

    20:50 The guy wants to Woohoo and the girl wants to go steady. Oh they did
    get the personality thing right in this game.

  13. LabashtheMighty says:

    10:50 Hey babe. You good looking. Now drop it like it’s hot.

  14. Mattias Svensson says:

    No title?
    (just “part 8”)

  15. MacRiada says:

    I do not Agree with Pirating games (or anything for that matter)… But
    honestly if you do pirate this particular game: I honestly can not find it
    in my heart to blame you in the slightest.

  16. fatherdoctor says:

    I hear you like Edvard Grieg :P

  17. Andy L says:

    Douchebag Ellis blasts music at the living room and plays the guitar at

  18. Steven Lord says:

    I love the new show

  19. Giovani Bianchini says:

    I just went to P.E, had a Enlgish class (I am not actually American) and
    returned and there is alreaady four new videos =D. Keep it up Quill!!!

  20. User Nonexistent:D says:

    Is quill18 gay?

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