Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 5: $1337

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20 Responses

  1. TheRealRealSlimShady says:

    Wow I stopped watching the live stream for 8 seconds

  2. MPLoura says:

    “Sup bro I’m Zest Johnny.”

  3. pneumitas says:

    I know there’s a lot of hate for the Sims 4 right now, but I have to say I
    am still enjoying this let’s play series. I hope you continue it quill! The
    new aesthetics is a nice change of pace for an old formula

  4. Belkak021 says:

    the hamburger did count, you wnet from 25% done to 50%

  5. ares106 says:

    Quill please stop playing the sims. I’m very racist against people that
    play the sims.

  6. Michael Winniford says:

    Quill! Everyone knows that tomatoes are fruits, NOT vegetables! :P

  7. MrNixcake says:

    Quill could you turn up the game volume (music not included)? I can hardly
    hear the sims or the in-game sound.

  8. olympus10001 says:

    Even though there seems to be a lot less in the game, there are several
    little details that make it a lot more enjoyable to watch. Hopefully
    they’ll add plenty of things back in future patches for free.

  9. swapsplat says:

    Tomatoes are fruit that is often mistooken as a vegetable. 

  10. Ted Davis says:

    I hate to be the one to point this out, but you will never get Tomato seeds
    from vegetable packs as they are fruits.

  11. WyldCat says:

    22:50 – Just remember Quill, it’s always Happy Hour somewhere in the world.

  12. CCcrafted says:

    Are you going to upload the stream in either a single vid or in multiple

  13. VerathianWarPath says:

    Am I the only one who thinks just about everything about the game seems
    like a step down from the Sims3? I really doubt I will be getting this. I’m
    so tired of EA’s shit. Actually, yes, I KNOW the game is a step down. For
    example, the map. They are just setting up for a “Map Expansion” and the
    same with everything else. This is exactly why I hate EA, and will not be
    buying their products. If you want games that are released FULLY, not in
    bits and pieces over time, stop buying their shit until they realize that
    they have to stop being cunts or we won’t buy their shit. God I am tired of

  14. GarlicPudding says:

    The Blue Velvet? Sounds like a pretty classy place. :)

  15. Wyltsi FIN says:

    Why is this game ugly as hell? Sure you’re not playing some old Sims by
    accident quill?

  16. YuukiRus Games says:

    Tomato’s are a fruit not a vegetable

  17. deusxmedia says:

    Quill, I’m no house designer, but why not add an extension to the kitchen
    to add some party space, and put the bathroom Inbetween their bedrooms, for
    easy access x) lol, they are more than friends, no? X)

  18. Patrick Storey says:

    LOL i feel bad for that girl at 3:10. Reminds me of a desperate chubby girl
    who just wants to get laid/ have a relationship. “do do do, please talkt o
    me” XD like cartman when he tried to get the girls to invite him to the
    party by walking by all casual.

  19. Iridescence93 says:

    The only good part of any Sims game in my opinion is this early part when
    they seem like sort of real people but once they get all “president of the
    world you can afford anything you want now!” it gets so boring.

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