Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 4: Making Up!

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  1. Blue Goop says:

    I’m really enjoying Sims 4 myself. I wasn’t a big fan of the open world
    and village/town simulation of Sims 3, so I’m enjoying the renewed focus on
    the household simulation.

    I’m finding the sims’ multitasking fantastic as well. I was surprised at
    how much fun and immersive it is.

    Anyway, the grey plumblob means they are grouped conversationally with you
    You can have more than one person listening to you, for example, and they
    will all have a grey plumblob.

  2. Libertyaan says:

    “do you have three parents?” LOL

  3. John Yim says:

    why do you have so much party choices is it because you got premium sims 4
    because i am about to get it soon to

  4. Atanos Iskandar says:

    I cannot justify buying this game. The amount of content they REMOVED from
    the game, saying because sims 3 was so buggy because of it, instead of
    working on being better programmers. But wait until all the many many many
    expansions that come out!

  5. todorov62 says:


  6. BrumelyKris says:

    Quite frankly I prefer DLC Quest. It’s $67 cheaper for basically the same

    But seriously how is this any better than previous games? If anything this
    is a downgrade and indie games like Rimworld and Prison Architect seem to
    have more thought put into their development than this rubbish.

  7. InflatedApollo2 says:

    The grey plumbob shows who you are talking to

  8. Destry Soule says:

    word of advice your plant potters are too close together and your sim can
    get to one side

  9. Patryk Wieczorek says:

    11:12 They BOO!!!! 

  10. Travis Stone says:


  11. ASoftTeddy says:

    Very appreciative for the videos but also very annoyed i have to wait 3
    more days to get it because of Europeans getting it on the 5th 🙁
    Quill, or anyone in NA with the premium editions, would like to know if the
    added content is worth it compared to limited edition? (still prefer hard
    copy compared to digital in cases where it’s origin only purchasable
    content) Also /how many interactable properties per cul-de-sac area (i.e.
    per loadable “chunk”)?

  12. Flamerule13th says:

    So it’s like Crusader Kings but you can’t even plot to murder people?
    That’s awful, why do you play this? :)

  13. TonyKuremento says:

    Victoria fell asleep in the tub, better go make silly faces in the mirror

  14. Orko says:

    the color coding of so many stuff seems bad for color blind. Is there a
    color blind mode that add’s symbols to the status bars in the mood section
    on the lower left?

  15. Giovani Bianchini says:

    LOL! Annalise Mann. Anna-lise(Is)-Mann xD

  16. Old Joe says:

    not bumpsh bumpsh bumpsh, its tumbz tumbz tumbz

  17. Adam N says:

    12:51 That is not how you play chess people.

  18. Burqa says:

    I havent seen anything new at all in sims 4.
    Only thing thats new is the emotes but its not that impressive.

  19. kairon156 says:

    Victoria’s bedroom should be connected to the bathroom for better access.

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