Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 3: A fight!

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20 Responses

  1. MrHamof says:

    20:24 That sounds like some kind of terrible pick up line.

  2. hockey161616 says:

    Did anybody else notice the lady walk in on him when he was in the bathroom
    and just get naked and started showering? hahahaha

  3. Tom Slinger says:

    Loved the IT Crowd reference!

  4. CypherRCX says:

    Yup looks about right, first video quill makes and he is already making
    them into bitter enemies.

  5. itsamuddymess says:

    Interior designing 1o1, never have all walls have a dark colour. That
    combined with the burgundy carpet makes it look like Dracula’s living room.

  6. AndreKSP says:

    loved the politics joke

  7. Connor Xitco says:

    12:48 the red tread mill matches the floor

  8. Luthy says:

    Woke up early for school, saw this got uploaded :D

  9. Krazy Tony says:

    No dont insult face!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  10. Necrolight132 says:

    the sims themselves seem better in this sims, and the house building seems
    slightly more detailed, but otherwise everything else is a fall backwards.
    Neighbourhoods are so far seemingly ridiculously small, the insides of
    houses seem empty like they did in the first 2 sims and furniture is
    lacking, I only see myself ever using 1-2 types of the beds for cosmetic
    and maybe 3 for stats. On top of these there’s the obvious fact that sims 3
    took over a year to reach completion with all the necessary dlc, and this
    has none included because EA are greedy and dont want to integrate vital
    dlc into a proper game. 

  11. mynameisray says:

    Oh jeez, he wants to make a friend and at 19:15 you did’t have him make
    friends with her?

  12. swapsplat says:

    Love the IT Crowd reference! 

  13. TotalWar01 says:

    11:55 For a second I thought you said “Secret Asian man” lol XD

  14. Christopher Butler says:

    The Sims is a game that I don’t enjoy playing.. but I really like watching
    people play or see other people’s games in progress. Is that weird? :D

  15. SASKID98 says:

    Quill watched IT crowd!

  16. GarlicPudding says:

    Jeez, talk about a rocky start. Seems they’ve patched things up (for now),

  17. Scorpionisplays says:

    I really think Athletic’s Skill should just be a ‘Fitness’ level which
    affects weight etc. throughout the game which effects their bodies, needs
    etc. Not really important but would be cool for flavour.

  18. todorov62 says:


  19. Fredrik Inzix says:

    “imply mother is a lamaa” oh boy!

  20. Orko says:

    sad to see that there is still no room designation system neither temporary
    (occupied/private mode) or permanent (renting out room’s).

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