Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 18

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  1. Michael Kowis says:

    so here is what i know about the focused moodlet and how to get it

    1. have your sims browse simopedia (listed under web on the computer)
    2. ponder chess moves on the chess table ( available in buy mode under
    hobbies and skills or go to the library )
    3. genius trait (focused moodlet 4hrs has an increased random chance to
    wake up focused)

    while focused your sims will do better at these skills
    1. handiness
    2. logic
    3. gardnening
    4. programming
    5. video games
    6. rocket science

    hope this helps

  2. queenapril0009 says:

    What happens if you woohoo in front of your kid? 

  3. Wolf6119 says:

    Right. His wife just passed out right before they could Woohoo, but I’m
    sure it’s “Video games” that Ellis is playing on the computer.

  4. J B says:

    So wait..the people we’ve been watching wohoo werent adults ?

  5. milksterproductions says:

    Have gilburt become a great artist and earn hundreds from his paintings :D

  6. Drex Muhammad says:

    i got a torrent.. it played but it gets crashes on travels..

  7. blastification2 says:

    So Quill is blissfully ignorant of the half-dozen people he killed by
    trapping them in the museum?

  8. Vexana says:

    Quill you can click on the guitar while the Sim is playing it and queue up
    a bunch of songs, I did that for a while and made about $500 in tips one

  9. hockey161616 says:


  10. Diair Airship says:

    Does anyone know a good way of getting writers block, and how to deal with
    it? I’ve been stuck on that for ages, while my painter sim is already on
    her next aspiration.

  11. Sam Murray says:

    Change Gilburts outfit, he looks like a nerd!

  12. TecToss says:

    Come on. work that butt while playing the guitar, do something! I want to
    see the new house :p

  13. Lupul Alb says:

    Wow so in the tree is the cow level ?

  14. tbonegal1989 says:

    Have Ellis practice guitar in the office. You have two items for

  15. Jitse Goossens says:

    Glad you let the gardening go, keep em comin!!

  16. XajakXx says:

    Anytime I see a street performer I tip them.

  17. Naros says:

    Moar plz?

  18. Samuel Gabites says:

    A picture in picture/ split screen function would be cool, allowing you to
    manage your sims in different locations. :3

  19. mynameisray says:

    1 wife who lives with her ex husband
    7 girlfriends who live with their husbands
    26 kids which all live with their mothers

    This game is excellent, to god damn funny that you can do this in the game.

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