Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 17

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20 Responses

  1. civleaderSoprano says:

    More more more! I love this lets play!

  2. RyanWM91 says:

    mmmm…nothing like fresh antiseptic sauce :P

  3. TecToss says:

    Arrh missed the series start and now its 17 episodes allready? Oh come on!
    On a serious note: Is this any improvement over Sims 3? A couple of minutes
    in I dont see much difference :o

  4. Zachary Sechrist says:

    Did her boobs get bigger???

  5. supekele says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who cringes at Sim knife safety (or lack

  6. Husarz i Ska says:

    The short novel idea! “Tredmill Runner”

  7. Danablend says:

    moreeee! its such a good series!!!!!

  8. Nick Crusaire says:

    ” good rap ”

    Lol, that’s funnier than brussels being a french city.

  9. Влас Лега says:

    Oh i want dlc with the vampire, werewolves, etc.just want make a family in
    which the are werewolf and vampire.

  10. Blissey1 says:

    “Hopefully the baby’s okay!”

    all that constant up and down movement involved with jogging…

    would that count as shaking a baby?

    oh gawd, imagine jumping jacks while pregnant…

  11. TVFILMBUFF says:

    Alysia Montaño competed in an 800m race at the U.S. Championships while
    eight months pregnant.

    dailymail .co .uk/news/article-2732715/

  12. Santa22 says:

    like yours better, you upload more of these then anyone else right now
    (that ive seen)

    also think if you get high enough, you will be able to write sequels?

  13. Michael Lithium says:

    You should buy the poor guy a new guitar, like come on man, no musician
    likes being stuck with one crap guitar xD 

  14. Matt609pbone says:

    You know what would be horrible, if Victoria had a miscarriage. So sad….

  15. FritiFirecaster says:

    Gilbert? … … Well, if she has a second baby you have to name it

  16. louisross980 says:

    Anyone know where I can pirate this without downloading a ‘survey’ ?

  17. Parth Datar says:

    Christ get them some time at the gym. Better yet get them a membership.

  18. TheSkyEnforcer says:

    XD so early but so great to watch.

  19. XajakXx says:

    Quill you should write another romance, spy, drama, action, adventure,
    science fiction screenplay called “From Brussels With Love”

  20. Ferner778 says:

    I like how this guy gets more into being the girl haha

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