Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 15

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20 Responses

  1. SirBalageG says:

    Quill, grow ganja, it worths a lot more then mushrooms :D

  2. Dirceu Lopes de Araujo Neto says:

    What about the book?

  3. nearthe2nd says:

    I think there’s 3 Sims are now trapped inside the museum because of the
    foundation being removed.

  4. ahaja007 says:

    cake is a lie

  5. Greasy Khan says:

    Does the bride have any strong claims? Will the marriage provide you with a
    powerful alliance?

  6. Dun Hilda says:

    Demon baby is coming for you…

  7. Brandon Carpenter says:

    If I have to watch that stupid taco bell “silver dollar” advertisement
    again, I’m gonna blow my brains out haha

  8. Ben Dover says:

    Speaking of marriage – will you marry me, quill18?

  9. IntenseSandvich says:

    Best LP ever.

  10. Nicholas Rowe says:

    You should’ve had Victoria marry the bartender for his strong claim on the

  11. WearingComb1050 says:

    Hi Quill!

  12. Vosoros says:

    9:24 And as you try to jam in more stuffs…I swear I see a bar and a
    piano at the back of the museum already.

    *DOH!* :P

  13. XajakXx says:

    Now quill whatever you do don’t be like chilledchaos and don’t become a

  14. Bensen says:

    why would you ever go home when you can buy unlimited stuff on the
    community lot. just start living there

  15. Leonard Petilo says:

    110 likes 301 viewed… thumbs up!

  16. Aaron Jingle says:

    I think by removing the foundation he blocked the entrance of the museum 

  17. Timothy Holmes says:

    why does the video get all pixeley?

  18. GomuGomuDragon says:

    Remember to check if you can buy more advanced seeds.

  19. PastryclownDK says:

    Wow that kitchen decoration… Very North American.. 

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