Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 13

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20 Responses

  1. AutodidacticPhd says:

    Ok, this is hilarious. Quill doesn’t want Ellis to be a comedian, but makes
    him tells jokes to everybody, and wants him to be a musician but won’t buy
    him new instruments…

  2. BaronVonHaggis says:

    I like a nice trimmed bush.

  3. biozak1000 says:

    11:35 i was waiting for that since the moment you invited her. lol

  4. MrMartin20206 says:

    the sims need to drop the whole woohoo thing and just say sex, woohoos such
    a cheesy and cringy word :p

  5. theantigodoflife says:

    Today I learnt that I had a Cooking Level of either 6 or 7.

    I disagree.


    Dude Hold ALT when u place stuff to do extra fine placement

  7. grouloulle says:

    Euh. C’est exactement le même jeu que sims2.

  8. Carey Cranor says:

    Curse you Quill, your playthroughs of Sims 4 are making me consider giving
    EA my money, noooooooo!

  9. lee raeside says:

    I think you need to redesign the living area. It looks so glum.

  10. Dustin Davis says:

    Quill you’re quite a salesman… I just bought this game after skipping
    Sims 3 and being disappointed with Sims 2 lagging like a mofo.

  11. GCNuno says:

    OMG, your sims are sex-maniacs! 

  12. MPLoura says:

    Robbaz makes out with and old man in 5 minutes and beds a married woman in
    10. Poor Quill can’t even make friends in 3 hours.

  13. Tol Hydra says:

    If you guys only played Sims 3, I would not have to endure this bandwagon
    BS with the contrasting content goodness.

  14. Moe Anime Grill says:

    Awww Yea! Been waiting for this ( : .

    Question : How far ahead are you recorded from the live stream?

  15. james nettla says:

    clean their house please . making me crazy that the end table is in middle
    of workout room. and stereo is on floor instead of table in workout room.

  16. FlintFirestorm says:

    If they WooHoo Enough will they lose wieght?

  17. TMNTsoRandom says:

    more please

  18. RyanWM91 says:

    Damn you quill….now I spend a huge chunk of time checking back over and
    over to see if you’ve uploaded another sims episode 😛 loving it!

  19. sanenomore2004 says:

    Grr!.. .love your other vids but your so damn A.D.D. when you play this. 

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