Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 12

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20 Responses

  1. Khan Piesse says:

    I’m loving these videos, but it would be nice if you knew a little more
    about interior and exterior decorating.

  2. civleaderSoprano says:

    Pleas pleas QUill keep this lets play going! So nice to see something els
    than the normal stuff!

  3. Jitse Goossens says:

    MOAR!!!!! (please °.° )

  4. o0alessandro0o says:

    OK, so, while you have one Sim socializing and stuff, the other Sim is…
    Doing what exactly? Care for self does not seem particularly good at taking
    care of goals and requirements, so basically you need to either move them
    all at the same time, or make sure their sleep and work schedules don’t
    overlap, so that you can handle one while the other sleeps, or something. I
    don’t particularly like that.

  5. Steven Carroll says:

    You still need to mop that shower floor, for about the last 4 episodes! lol

  6. Darkninja282 says:

    deep conversation= talk about Aristotle, Socrates or Descartes. Or go
    metaphysical. Maybe talk about history or science 😛 

  7. Saudi Knight says:

    Hey Quill. Thanks for the series its really fun and silly as hell lol. I
    have request that I really wish if you can make it happen please. With the
    release of the Sims 4 and the controversial BS that EA has been saying and
    doing before release, there is a HUGE hatestorm towards the game that is
    really hard to know what is fact and what is just emotional hate towards
    EA. I’d like to get a Sims game but don’t know whether it should be 3 or 4.
    I already have 2 with most of the expansion packs during that free
    gift/promotional week that EA did. Is it possible for you to do like a
    discussion/comparison between the 2 games by giving your thoughts and pros
    and cons between the 2? I tried researching myself but got super confused
    and your enthusiasm of the game could really help. If you have the time to
    do so that will be great, but if you can’t its understandable. Thanks again
    for the series.

  8. Theocracy says:

    Quill, please make someone hate you. I want to see you do a war with one of
    your neighbors.

  9. lee raeside says:

    Victoria’s going to be mad. Ellis arriving home at 2am she’ll be like
    “Where the hell have you been?!”

  10. jacob ratliff says:

    I’m really loveing this series ….and I don’t know why

  11. Gray_Mask says:

    Ellis is getting of the heavier set…

  12. Bomberhead909 says:

    Jesus this is like Arumba upload rate

  13. Samul Kimthery says:

    excellent cap, m’lady

  14. Jack Barker says:

    send him to the gym

  15. TheMudkipdudechannel says:

    Quill, it’s EA; they will mess up the DLC

  16. Paul H says:

    I have hardly read a positive comment since this series started. How
    unfortunate… todays gamer is such a spoiled brat.

  17. Steve Austin says:

    good timing just finished 11 looking nice this sims
    mills and boon books

  18. Iris Looming says:

    I think the term for that type of romance novel is “bodice ripper” :)

  19. Lucian Roban says:

    i always had problems with Sims games and how time flies – 2 hours for a
    bloody shower sometimes etc… is there a way in Sims 4 to adjust the
    passing of time ???

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