Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 11

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20 Responses

  1. sanenomore2004 says:

    “need more stuff” … don’t ya know they take it all out so they can put it
    back in an expansion and charge you for it again? Thats why I feel no guilt
    about pirating Sims games.

  2. Martin Kaufmann says:

    I’ve got work to do!

  3. ryan bell says:

    this game is a Big fan of the Pc master race style of gaming lol giving
    lack of consoles 

  4. Adam N says:

    23:02 Wow she arrives instantly ? Totally not stalking you.

  5. Comrade CFC says:

    Quill ‘We need more stuff’
    EA ‘Well have this DLC. Just $30!’

  6. Casper Kusk says:

    Not first, but close enough. Ps good video

  7. Chase Dollars says:


  8. AriochGS says:

    16:14 still wondering when he will notice the broken toilet hahahah :D

  9. Dustin Davis says:

    “ok she’s married so we absolutely CANNOT flirt with eachother” *sneaks off
    to a bar on the other side of town*

  10. Matt609pbone says:

    Ah man, you know what would be nice in that hot desert town, a pool….. Oh

  11. Cetadrius01 says:

    damm, quill is prolific today

  12. Mystogan Edolas says:

    Outdoor DLC 30 bucks.
    Indoore games DLC 15 bucks.

  13. Darkninja282 says:

    fish is also good for fertilizer fish mulch and kelp, must be watered down
    or it will kill the plant.

  14. Fredrik Inzix says:

    Make a new household if you get tired of this one and make your self, work
    in that tech guru job, have computer whiz as the aspiration (maybe) et
    cetra! it would be gr8 m8 i r8 it 8/8

  15. MPLoura says:

    Poor woman is just a garden slave.

  16. jacob ratliff says:

    Your Sims are getting pudgy they need exercise

  17. neocomp92 says:

    So many moodlet artifacts around the house. What is this, feng shui

  18. Andrew Styles says:

    Hey dude. Play rimworld please. I think you would be more funny than Arumba
    and his is pretty damn funny. I think with the humour you have in sims 4 it
    would be great to see you play rimworld :-)

  19. iVulgarThrust says:

    At the beginning… ‘goings-on*’, may have been a slip of the tongue, but
    prepositions aren’t capitalised, that’s just weird.

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