Let’s Play Sims 4 – Part 10

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20 Responses

  1. Ghostwind115 says:

    Your sims are slowly getting fat.

  2. Dead_Parade says:

    9:03 Ahhhh, I should be more mature, but damn that line is funny.

  3. Scott Smart says:

    LOL, that is so Bella to just photobomb the flirting. “I’m Bella Goth!
    You must pay attention to me!”

  4. Vosoros says:

    One duck turns to another and says; you know everything you’re saying is a
    load of quackers! 😛


  5. mosullivan15 says:

    Should I get this game youtube?

  6. Kaine Boyko says:

    There is a frowny face in the middle of the dinning room.

  7. Aaron Bookey says:

    Whao Quill you’re smashing these Sims 4 videos out.

  8. WR16 says:

    First? o.O

  9. Alex Ponzo says:

    You are pumping a ton of videos so quickly!

  10. Bob Niven says:

    What was that old guy doing at 10:50?

  11. Adam N says:

    30:54 Gossip gets crazy in small towns.

  12. Danjal Veskandar says:

    Interesting thing regarding music – apparently you can put your own music
    to be used by the game into the music folder.

    I’m sure that’ll be quite usefull for people that want to stream it or show
    it on youtube.

  13. Chaoslord48 says:

    loving the Sims series here Quill, very enjoyable :). I was curious, is
    there another paradox multiplayer in the works with you and Arumba, Mathas
    & NorthernLion? or are you guys waiting for the Charlemagne/Art of War
    expansions to come out?

  14. Dustin Davis says:

    quill when you redesign the house these are my requests as a humble
    subscriber.. please have windows unobstructed if not symmetrical and make
    an outdoor patio with a bar and grill for entertaining. thanks :)

  15. Adriana Sanpere says:

    More! I need more!!!!!!! :)

  16. CCcrafted says:

    Tut tut tut Ellis 

  17. Jacob Nuke says:

    Lol at 21:35 I was singing that right before you said it. :P

  18. Jake the Human and Finn the Dog says:

    Can’t believe the game is not open world anymore.. I feel like they are
    trying to go back to the original play style of Sims 1 and 2 but it feels
    like a massive mistake.. 

  19. Nelson Ortiz says:

    u should put ellis to workout his getting some what fat

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