Let’s Play: Sims 4 Demo | Connie Kuroi

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18 Responses

  1. steviet7 says:

    Nice Video Connie =]

  2. MrBossHound96 says:

    Wow the sims 4 can even include queffs 10/10 lol you silly sausage. Your
    charricter acualy looks similar to you. I could never get my sims to look
    exacly like me. Thats the sims customisation for you. I loved sims busting
    out for the ps2 and the sims 1 for pc. But I hate the sims 3 ageing system.
    All my best sims kept dieing and geting old, hopefully sims 4 wont be like

  3. fin says:

    omfg I have an obsession to make u like my pen pal is that wierd? I love ur
    videos cos ur in them c:

  4. Tiger@Tiger says:

    Gotta love the Sims 😛 Hopefully this demo doesn’t represent what the game
    will be like entirely lol

  5. Connie Kuroi says:
  6. TheImperatorPat says:

    Bunny slippers?! 10/10.

  7. yuchen51 says:

    Connie is so cute lol :D

  8. aldrin Mac says:

    Bless you 

  9. בן סלומון says:

    awesome video, just started to watch your clock tower video :)

  10. Jacob Scribner says:

    Shit so early I shar

  11. Christopher gueroult croain says:

    It was pretty funny 😀 !

  12. VideoGameNoodle says:

    4:23 : “I was really looking forward to fucking….” *giggles* srry I
    couldn’t resist ;)

  13. darthkahn45 says:

    Can you still lock them in a 1×1 room and watch them pee their pants and
    slowly lose the will to live?

  14. Legit Molters says:

    Awesome video. Great channel. It would mean alit if you can check my
    channel out and maybe subscribe if you like it

  15. Andoss34 says:

    I would say your eyes are ‘hazel’ , way better than ‘brown’

  16. Jacob Scribner says:

    I shit my fuck.

  17. Sacred Wolf says:

    I’m that sort of person who won’t stop editing the sim ’til it looks like
    how I want it to look. XD

  18. Hugo Gunz says:


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