Let’s Design SimCity 4 — EP 10 — Downtown Area

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20 Responses

  1. Rik Span says:

    Don’t forget to link up the Downtown area up with trains.

  2. Woolrooz says:

    That “cute building” has a name – Khruschowka.

  3. TheChizzaberry808 says:

    There should be a mod where you can use the flatten terrain tool without
    demolishing roads, it would come in super handy with what you’re doing.

  4. Coen Voors says:

    Strictoaster, you should consider building a train station in the city!

  5. maedero05 says:

    All about i never bother about parking space or special industrial
    decoration except trees and shrubs. Some kind of idea for the RHW would be
    to create a anti – clockwise circular ring around the town to ease of
    traffic wich want to cross town. Maybe it will be necesary to cut the
    direct the direct acces road.in between town and the industrial area,
    concentrate on ramps on the boulevard tunnel you just created.

  6. Afrizan Nurpermadi says:

    LOL. “Pipe Simulator”
    Maybe Maxis has an intend to make that kind of game xD

    21:18 I think the tree from that parking lot will grow eventually. It’s
    seasonal tree and I think you don’t have missing dependency of that lot
    because the tree is shown up on highlight.

    The industrial complex become more and more interesting now.
    But, oh man, it crashed. I know that feel.
    Take your time, man. No need to push yourself. And good work!

  7. Justin Adkins says:

    Looks like your city is big enough for its own Mcdonalds! Take a look at
    kevdan25’s mcdonalds from simtropolis if you get the chance.

  8. Watcho84 says:

    Maybe you can build a small lake in the downtown area of the square city
    around the central park?? Should look nice i think :p. But anyway, i like
    your style of building cities. Watched all the episodes of SC 2013. Keep up
    the awesome cities Strict.

  9. krozza247 says:

    Man, that sucks that you lost all that work, but there’s 2 positive things.
    First, at least you have the video to see what you did – you don’t have to
    rely on memory for it all, and second, you learned that you need to save
    more often, just in case your computer crashes. Love this series, and your
    other series’ as well, the focus on design over efficiency is really nice.
    I know that your cities (and island) all work on a money making level, but
    that’s almost a secondary priority, and it’s a refreshing change.

  10. ROcraftable says:

    strictoaster, will you play cities xl at one point? please respond yes or
    no :)

  11. herpsenderpsen says:

    only strictoaster can accidentally make a penis, lol! 

  12. Strictoaster says:

    #SimCity 4 – Downtown Area

  13. Tigerlover1337 says:


  14. TavishMcSlip says:

    Oh my God! You take ages to build anything but I love every minute of it.
    Looks amazing!

  15. YSdestroyer says:

    I think you should keep the simulation on more often

  16. TheEpicTurban says:

    31:39 you have a hobo hotel in your town (the giant cardboard box) XD

  17. John Boyd says:

    Love what your doing here +Strictoaster. Just recently found your channel
    when it showed up in my feed. I have watched the series from EP1 yesterday
    and like what I see. I wanted to suggest a mayor diary over on SC4Devotion
    by a guy that goes by the handle SmileyMK. He is a really good at realistic
    cities and he has inspired me very much. Perhaps when you have time you can
    check him out and get ideas and inspiration for your current project and
    future projects you may have. You can find the diary here for your
    convenience http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=12096.0. Cheers
    and love the series and will be following more of your content for the
    other games you play as well.

  18. Jesse Mallen says:

    as a general rule zoning will try at all possible to snap to the highest
    density and traffic flow road it can find. Avenues over roads over streets.
    A single tile will do that.

    alt and and shift can rotate it 90 degrees but not 180 so if you do want to
    place zones on those streets you will have to demolish the road… =)

  19. nick harris says:

    You are placing the trees wrong.

  20. dimitriid says:

    You know your tunnels you build manually do look nice but NWM already has
    tunneling tools that wouldn’t mess with terrain at all and use puzzle
    pieces to connect and have puzzle pieces for RHW too (not sure if diagonal)
    but make this a lot simpler than using the Maxis terrain tunnels

    EDIT: Also you should try some of the simcity 4 launchers that forces the
    game to autosave every so often so you don’t lose big chunks like that.

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