LCG Special: Random Sims 4 CAS Demo Gameplay! (Classic Beauty)

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20 Responses

  1. Kissa Bay says:

    Lowly so hard

  2. BradleyJamesMC says:

    can you change the mouse senzitivity in the sims 4? just a questtion, no

  3. Jenna. P says:

    luv you don’t have to play the sims all the time, it’s your channel play
    any video game you want on it it doesn’t just have to be a sims channel! Do
    what you love. I personally don’t care what game it is I just like watching
    you play it 🙂 your awesome!

  4. the doctors companion says:

    Hi do you like doctor who if so will you do a doctor who create a sim

  5. Andrea Grace says:

    You’re always SO busy and yet you have time to record for your subs, God

  6. Gabriel Garcia says:

    LOL XD. Awesome video Luv

  7. Mackenzie F says:

    She’s actually quite cute zoomed out lol. 

  8. Olive McMahon says:

    Can u make miley Cyrus before and after

  9. hammy lover says:

    All I am saying is ME

  10. Quinzilla says:

    I’m sincerely shocked, luv. How’d you manage to make me FLAWLESSLY in the
    sims 4? You have captured the pure ESSENCE of who I am. *standing ovation*

  11. Tijuana Muana says:

    *Claps* She should be tested from the national government because that’s
    how beautiful she is

  12. Purple Martina says:

    Such a beautiful sim!

  13. NKTX says:

    Sick of it? To where you would not want to play it anymore? The Sims?
    Never… I want the Sims 4 Create a Sim Demo… 🙁 

  14. Mara Schmidt says:

    “im gonna end this part he so i scar any more children” HAHAHAHA

  15. SimsInMint says:

    This sim is me when I wake up. Minus the makeup. 

  16. Shelby Ellison says:

    When you first started out with her she looks
    Like rihanna

  17. IDoSims says:

    First and luv u luv hehe get it

  18. Skyvo65 says:

    Go to my channel for The Sims 4 CAS Demo CRACKED! :)

  19. Cookie Munster says:

    Hey Luv, Can you continue with the sims 2 university? x’D

  20. XxhappygeekchicxX . says:

    She puts me to shame

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