KISSING GIRLS?! | The Sims 4 (Sims 4 Gameplay)

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20 Responses

  1. Lucy K says:

    Ethmeister Swag Daddy A.K.A Fiddler the clown

  2. TheLordWillis says:

    just watch his face when he laughs

  3. BSXtra says:

    For £60 they expect us to buy a game thy can’t even stop from freezing. K

  4. Amrit Singh says:

    … And now people know that Ethan is a pedophile xD I cant believe you
    tried to zoom into Vivian 

  5. joe Bennett says:

    under 301 club 

  6. josue colin says:

    I guess Ethan is into Milf

  7. ShazzaCR7HD says:

    Get a youger woman dumo her swag daddy deserves more

  8. Sami Tariq says:

    Big up Ethan (y)

  9. kamiel De Vleeschauwer says:


  10. Jimmy Bass says:

    Longer vids Ethan these is great series 

  11. PowerfulDragon says:

    how much these sidemen getting paid to play these sims?

  12. Harryhas26 says:

    Bit concerned that you approached a Child then looked for the romance
    option lol

  13. EasyGaming11 says:

    Lol the game cockblocked him xD

  14. Henry Tullett says:

    When you said your game froze it was on pause

  15. Deeesha Vaghela says:

    Wheres outlast dlc?

  16. LegitGodGamer says:


  17. Sascha Banton says:


  18. MaxTheLevel says:

    This is hilarious xD

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