Introverts! (The Sims 4: YouTube Edition!)

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20 Responses

  1. TheMike409409 says:

    what happened at 7:38 ?? lol

  2. Yolo Swaggins says:

    Good shit Ze, very funny m8

  3. Caitlin Jones says:


  4. TheKyoKyoto says:

    6th. And under 301 club

  5. Malwur says:

    I think because this series I like Ze even more :D

  6. isaac Thao says:

    That makes no sense. chilled was at work when the burgers were there. so
    that means someone else did it and he just wanted to try that out or he
    goes there daily and his previous ones didnt despawn

  7. PorkyMr1000 says:

    Chilled couldn’t make up his mind.

  8. Cool Nerd says:

    Lol perfect pick-me-up after class. Pre-cal sucks and this cheered me up.
    Thanks Ze!

  9. michaelu1019 says:

    Sims Chilled has some kind of obsession with burgers. First the giant
    burger cake then all those burgers at the park. What will Chilled do now?

  10. Nelson P says:

    one of the funniest sims episodes i think ive ever seen

  11. The Lonely Boner says:

    could you try to not burned down your house

  12. Truman B. says:

    When Ze fell asleep on the ground with his arm up like that, I literally

  13. Enderchangling says:

    I wonder if he knows floor means ceiling 

  14. Ben Martin says:


  15. Crimson S.F. says:

    Hey a glitch in an EA Game, what are the odds…

  16. Xxcampagin_spartanxX says:

    Your mother is a fucking llama

  17. Silver KiwiNZ says:

    way more funnier than i expected :D

  18. Rui IsSleepingWithSirens says:

    Love watching you play this. XD

  19. ZeRoyalViking says:

    We do not like people… 

  20. JustTheRandomStuff says:

    Is Ze talking about Annoyed Picard?

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