If Michael Bay Created The Sims 4

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5 Responses

  1. Davd T-Rex says:

    The problem with the video is the plot makes sense and there is too much
    character development.
    I am thinking about setting up a Kickstarter to get a hit put on Michael
    Bay. Who is with me?

  2. Billybo10000MC - The Minecraft Mudkip says:

    Needs more explosions, and focus on the boring parts of the S- Oh wait.

    (Nice job :D)

  3. Jose Lopez says:

    Amazing… It was just so perfect

  4. Fourth Wall Games says:

    What would happen if Michael Bay created #thesims4 ? This! If Michael Bay
    Created The Sims 4 @thesims

  5. ABXY Marco says:

    lmfao hilarious

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